May 24, 2009

the winner.... Natasha!

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Thanks everyone for playing along!!

May 21, 2009

up for grabs

Been busy cleaning out my stash, such a great feeling!

Came across this little chart, I'd stitched it back in 2007, although it's still not finished into a pillow yet, which was/is the plan. Someday!!

So anyhoo, if you'd like to have this sweet little chart, leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a name this Sunday!

May 12, 2009

a big finish and some framing

Here's my "big" finish referred to in the last post.... it's my Blackberrie Sampler by Shepherd's Bush...

hard to get a good photo of the whole thing as it's a little long, so I took several close up shots...

the verse says:
" The blackberie tree is aftr his sort bushy
bearing that fruit that eftsones refresheth
the shepherde"

and if you're like me, and did not, or do not, know what the heck "eftsones" means, well then click here and learn! And you can even hear how it's pronounced :-)

wonder if that word could be worked into a conversion sometime soon :-)

Anyway, on to the framing part of this post. Today I went to the LNS and picked up two things I'd taken in last month.

This is The Song They Sang, by Carriage House Samplings...

it was stitched a while back and I finally got the frame for it last fall...

I have a thing for bird samplers and verses like this one, so I plan on hanging this where I can see it every day!

and here's my Plain & Fancy, also by Carriage House Samplings...

finally mounted into the really super cheap frame I'd found at Tuesday Morning a while back...

which was originally purchased for something else

but ended up being perfect for this sampler. At least I think so ;-)

That's about it for now! Working on another CHS, Westwinds....was finally able to turn the channel from the SB station. For at least one project that is, lol!

Thank you for visiting my blog! And for the sweet and kind comments you take the time to leave for me...I really appreciate them.

Have a great week!

May 06, 2009

movin' right along

Remember when we were kids, time just c r a w l e d by? Especially if looking forward to something. Now? I just wish the world would slow down a tiny bit and let me catch up! Can it really be MAY already? Summer is almost here and oy, the Texas heat? I can wait a while for that to get here.

Anyhoo, it's been a while since I blogged because let's face it, my life is sooooo boring! You have no idea people. The most exciting thing I've done recently is take an online class that was required for my job in which I was tested at the conclusion of, with TRICK QUESTIONS! Love that. Hopefully I passed. The test sheet has to be faxed in and if you get a certificate in the mail, you passed, if not, I guess you don't get to work? Maybe I'll get a forced vacation! Which wouldn't be all that bad except for the humiliation of being the only operator that failed the test at my workplace. So y'all, keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? Thank you ever so much!

Stitching wise, it's been all Shepherd's Bush, all the time. It's like I'm tuned to the SB channel and can't adjust the dial to anything else, ha!

This is My Heart's Garden...

I got twenty skeeter bites trying to get a good picture outside....

But since I am not French, I cannot take a good photo ;-)

This was just a teeny tiny finish, I actually have a big one to share with you, that I finished after this one, but need to post that later because, seriously? I am so ready to get off this computer and stitch!! (and scratch!)

Oh! PS. Almost forgot! Alice had a dare for us to post a picture of ourselves when we were 18 or a little older. Well, most of my pictures are still packed away, but this one is close to that time frame....kinda...

back in the very early 90's when I had short hair (the sides were much shorter than the top)! Listening to Bobby Brown and Paula Abdul and my kids were just little things, trying to do the "Hammer-Time" thing, lol! (Oh yes, they loved Mr. "MC Hammer", remember that crazy dance he did?) That's the Best Cat That Ever Lived, Chester, when he was a kitten, and yep, that's stitchin' stuff in front of us :-)