October 14, 2009

all about fall

Happy Fall Y'all!!!
It's my favorite time of the year! All of my stitching this past month has been centered around fall or Halloween, and I'm kinda on a roll, lol! In truth, I haven't felt very well for a while (dental problems), and being a hermit has helped my stitching life somewhat.

So with apologies for the craptastic photos and pug hairs, here are my finishes....

This one is Halloween Fun, by Birds of a Feather (the linen came with the chart)

I loved this little spider :-)

this is Autumn Song, one of the Loose Feathers from Blackbird Designs

It will be finished into a box someday, as shown on the cover of the chart....
the colors on this one really made me happy...

this is part of the pincushion that goes with it....

a tiny ornament from the Lizzie Kate Fall Crazy chart...

Trick or Treat from La D Da (I think this was in the 2008 JCS Halloween issue)
(I really love designs featuring Witches shoes ;-) )

and this is Boo, from Lilybet Designs....those pumpkins crack me up, I'd be scared of that spider too!

This is not stitching related, but so cute, I wanted to share. It's from the Oct. 2009 issue of Southern Living magazine (if you click that link, you'll get a better picture than mine, and better directions too, lol)

These are MOON PIES on a stick! You just use some melted candy coating (almond bark) to "glue" the stick in (push it into the marshmallow center) and secure the goodies to make the faces. The ones with "eyes" is made with open faced Oreo cookies with M&M's, candy corn nose and sprinkles for the hair. You can find the dowels or sticks at Michael's or Hobby Lobby where the candy making stuff is. Aren't these adorable? These would be a fun project for kids and I love that they're totally edible :-)