April 30, 2010

wag the dog?

"Does the dog wag the tail, or does the tail wag the dog? You see the tail moving, you assume the dog is wagging it, and enjoying it, but maybe the tail is wagging the dog, and the dog is enjoying the attention!"

Here's the puppy dog tail that I left off...

my hubby said to just leave it, no one would ever know, but I knew it would bug me, so it took me all of about 15 minutes last night to fix it and now I can sleep at night ;-)

Here's the whole thing again. Although I couldn't get a very good picture because it's so overcast outside today.

Don't forget to let me know if you'd like to enter the drawing for the chart (see below).

April 29, 2010

Mary's Best Handework

Here's what I've been working on the past week or so, and managed to finish up the other night...

The design is from With thy Needle & Thread, and is called Mary's Best Handework

it is stitched on 30 count WDW Parchment linen with DMC threads, two over two, and measures around 9.5 by 12.5 inches...

a very enjoyable stitch!

I loved the reds in this the most, followed by the sheep in the grass and the little doggie. (WHICH, by the way, I noticed after I posted this.....is TAIL-LESS!!!! OMG! So, I will have to go back and fix it, because seriously, TAIL-LESS???? No way. Click here to see how he should look!)

I'd love to pass along the chart, which has been gently used of course ;-)
If you'd like to have it, let me know and I'll draw a name for it next Wednesday, May 5th.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Oh, and for those of you wondering, the rosemary plant is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

April 13, 2010

sarah seifer

It's embarrassing to admit just how long it took me to finish this one...

(especially since I just had to have it a few years ago and a friend sent it to me right away)...

so I won't! But there she is, Sarah Seifer, a design by The Goode Huswife. Stitched on 35 count Daily Grind linen with DMC threads :-)

Thanks for all of the advice on the rosemary! And thanks too, to those who weren't too shy to step up and confess their own plant killing skills! Whew! Some people have a gift for growing things...my mother is one of them, she can grow anything! When I was growing up, she had huge greenhouses, sold plants to the public....whole rooms full of African violets, you name it, she could grow it. Still can. But that gene did not get passed along to me!
Anyway, I transferred the rosemary to a planter pot thing for now, cause we can't figure out where in the yard it might be the happiest. Hopefully it will live and grow and be big enough to take some sprigs from for my potatoes! OH! The potato recipe I was referring to is on the PW food blog, you can't imagine how delicious these are and so simple to make! Try them!


Just kidding, I did not buy a basil plant, lol! Just got this fresh bunch from Central Market for a recipe. Fresh herbs are so awesome, I really wish we had a whole yard full of them. Dream on, right? ;-)

April 08, 2010

gift from a friend & rosemary!

Still plugging away on my Village and some other things too...I seem to be having some Attention Deficit problems where my stitching is concerned, ahem. So in the meantime, I wanted to share something my friend Patti stitched for me.
It was actually a Christmas gift this past year, and finally, four months later, I post about it!

Isn't it lovely?

Patti used some sparkly threads in the wings of the bees, it's kind of hard to pick up with the camera though. Thank you again Patti, your stitching is perfect, as always!

OK, see this pretty little rosemary plant?

Well, I am infamous for my plant killing skills. Trust me. Even my hubby calls me "the Morticia of the plant world". Plants come here to die. It's not pretty. But despite my knowledge of this, I keep on lying to myself! I got this on the way into Central Market with Patti a couple of weeks ago, maybe a week and a half. Because there's a killer (oh hahahaha) potato recipe I've been making that uses rosemary and I thought, oh boy, FRESH rosemary, how wonderful would that be? (Silly, stupid disillusioned woman)! So....we're walking through the store and a lady working in the deli department spotted it and said "oh, are you going to plant some rosemary? It's very hardy and easy to grow, it'll take over". I said, "yes, I'm going to try, but I kill everything"! She said "I can't get rid of mine, it keeps coming back, even after I put a big rock on top of it, it grew back up around the rock". I'm just shaking my head, thinking, lady, you don't know me, I'm the grim reaper of plants, seriously.

So can you see where this is headed? I won't show you a picture of it, but believe me when I tell you that part of it is already dead. It's in my sun room, getting plenty of light (indirect), I've watered it, misted it (which did perk it up some), read the directions over and over (not watering too much, etc). But yep, still trying to die. I'd like to plant it in the back yard but with three male pugs that use the back yard as their bathroom, there's a lot of hiking and peeing on things, so that's probably a worse idea. Maybe out front....we have a flower box on the front porch that gets a lot of sun (direct)...any ideas? Put it in a pot or plant it in the ground?

I'd like to keep it alive at least until I make the potatoes again ;-)

April 01, 2010

April sneaks in and brings us a winner!

Gosh, time sure does fly! Hard to believe it's April already! And I realized this morning that yesterday was actually Wednesday and the day I was supposed to have the drawing for the Noah chart!! Well, I declare! I have to admit, I was just too busy all day with a girlfriend, shopping and having lunch and then making dinner and playing with my stash....the drawing completely slipped my mind!
But better late than never though, so I entered the names into the Random Generator this afternoon and Cari in VA is the winner!
Congratulations Cari, I hope you will enjoy stitching this wonderful design...it was one of my very favorite stitches! I love all things Noah :-) Anyway, please email me your mailing address and I will get it off to you!

Thanks to everyone that entered for the drawing, and those that didn't but left sweet comments anyway. It's always fun to hear from y'all, and I really appreciate you taking time to let me know you were here!

So anyway, Happy April!

Here's an oldie from Ewe & Eye & Friends I stitched a while back and actually finished into the little stand up myself. He is not perfect, but I think he's cute!
Have been working on my Village and didn't get pictures this week because of having too much fun!

Meanwhile, Astro is feeling pretty good lately, he's over the broken nail incident

although, he's not over the baby food and still wants to have some twice a day, pill or no pill! Pugs have good memories, I'm just sayin'!

Well, I'd better be off, lots to do to get ready for Easter Sunday coming up. That one sure did sneak up on me!

Take good care Peeps!