January 31, 2008

must love pugs

Since I really don't have any stitching to show, I wanted to share this video from YouTube, of a little girl and her Pug. The music is one of my favorite songs, I cry just about every time I hear it, and this video was no exception. It's absolutely adorable, please take a few minutes to watch it and read the great quotes they included.

And Astro

posted a funny Pug video
on his blog, you should watch that one too :)

Back soon with stitching updates....

January 26, 2008

june morning finish

Finally finished this up last night! It was a lot of fun to work on so I'm not sure why it sat in my UFO pile for so long.

please overlook any pug hairs you may see in these pics, I have company when I stitch :)

My plans are to frame this :)

I have a whole collection of samplers done on black that I'd like to hang all together someday.

Big plans, huh?

June Morning design by The Goode Huswife
32 ct. black Belfast
over 2 with 2 strands DMC floss

Now I'm off to finish up another WIP that was in the same bag as this one was when it got pulled out, Garden of Eden, also by GH.

Have a good weekend!

January 19, 2008

June Morning WIP

June Morning WIP
Originally uploaded by Deep Fried Cupcake
Well, I went with one of my WIP's, as you can see here! It's June Morning by Goode Huswife. This one has been a lot of fun and I'm sticking to it until it's finished this time! Almost there :)

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, I really appreciate the time each of one of you takes, to say a kind word :)

Hope you're having a good weekend and doing something fun!

PS. Here's how far along I was on it before I picked it back up last week :)

January 13, 2008

Lo, How A Rose Sampler

Finally finished this up yesterday. Despite my initial issues with the colors, I'm happy with how it turned out.

At first I was not fond of the darkness in the thread that most of the letters were stitched in, which was Weeks Dye Works "London Fog".

Some of the other letters were stitched in Pebble, Tin Roof, Amber and Gold.

Lo, How a Rose Sampler by Bright Needle
Stitched with recommended WDW threads
on 32 ct. cream Belfast linen

Now I get to either pick out a new project from my stash to start on OR pick out any one of my many WIP's to finish up. What to do....what to do??!!

January 05, 2008

corrected snowman

After posting my Winter Holiday finish the other day, I realized that I'd done the lower right hand birdhouse wrong and left out a stitch on one of the birds.

So here's the corrected version :)

I think in the future, I need to slow down and check the chart more often. Sometimes I get to goin' on something and don't pay attention.

Hope you're having a good weekend! It's in the 70's here today, no snow in sight ;)

January 03, 2008

what's a girl to do?

I know it's the New Year and we're all supposed to be on our diets and being "good" and all that.

But I have this problem.

It's this new cookbook:

Filled with all kinds of gorgeous pictures of sweets

I had to wipe drool off of the pages

it's one of the prettiest cookbooks I've ever seen

And I just happened to have all of the ingredients for this recipe, which would expire in a few days, so I just HAD to use them up you see....

and this was the result, little pots of yummies that turned out perfectly delicious!

It wasn't so bad, since it made six little cups, one for each of us and a spare.
(But I did have to eat the spare this afternoon. Quality control and all that).

And here's my current WIP:

It's Lo, How a Rose Sampler by BrightNeedle. I'm still having issues with the colors, but plugging along since I am too far into it to change it now.

January 02, 2008


This book was on my Amazon wish list and I was hoping to get it for Christmas. Got a lot of wonderful books and other things, but not this one. When it was on my list, it was showing that delivery would be in 3-4 weeks, so I thought that maybe they were just out of stock. So imagine my surprise and shock to find out that now this book is very hard to find, unless you're willing to pay well more than cover price. Anyone that knows me knows this,that just ain't happenin'! One of the reasons I love Amazon so much is that you always save on books and get free shipping for orders over $25, or in our case, free 2nd day shipping for being a "Prime" member. And you don't pay sales tax!

So I'm asking (no begging, pleading with) you, if you see this book anywhere, or know where I might find it (for regular price or less), will you please let me know? We already have her Christmas cookbook and really neeeeeed to have this one too.

Thanks so much!!

January 01, 2008


Happy New Year!

It's a beautiful day here in North Texas :)

I am making pork carnitas rice bowls today with a side of black-eyed peas.
We have the peas every New Year I think, although we may have forgotten once or twice. We're not superstitious people but do like tradition.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts on my Frappuccino :) I'm going to sew the buttons on today before going to work!

I finished up this Birds of a Feather design a few days ago:

It's called Winter Holiday...

...and I stitched it on the recommended 28 ct. Dark Teal Green Cashel with Weeks and DMC threads. It used more than one skein of the WDW Icicle.

A fun stitch!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day :)