August 23, 2008

just for fun (again)

Somehow I came across this blog Cake Wrecks, and had a blast looking at all those crazy cakes. OMG, my hubby and I laughed and laughed over some of them, and we scrolled all the way back to the beginning of the blog so we didn't miss any of them. Check it out!

And I'm sorry, another doggie video from YouTube, this one just cracks me up though, especially the last doggie "talking":

It's probably a pretty sad state of affairs that a cat lover ends up with no cats, three pugs and is obsessed with dog videos. But I couldn't be happier ;-)

(and speaking of cats, this website is too funny, lol funny!)

August 22, 2008

it's all good :-)

Lots going on lately, good stuff, busy stuff. I'm feeling better after some rain and cooler temperatures...a sniff of fall in the air makes my heart happy, even though in my head, I know it's still August and there's more heat to come...there's my favorite season, just around the corner, waiting for me...

Two of our very busy pugs stood still for a few seconds so we could take their picture:

and this baby devil dog says "even though I chew on the good furniture, you still love me, right? right?"

Stitching wise, I'm working on several things at one time, trying to finish up the piece I'm doing for pay, it's had a few problems and involved lots of redoing, but I'm finally almost done with it. Also, a gift or two for upcoming birthdays, holidays, and then there's this:

No good picture of it as it was raining when I took the photo, but there it is, ready to be sent to the fnisher so she can work her magic on it.

So that's all for now. Thanks for sweet comments and emails. I'm fine. Really. Just fine and dandy :)

August 13, 2008

runnin' on empty

Maybe it's the heat...the lack of being able to bake or cook on a regular basis because it heats the house up too much...sweating is not my thing...
Or maybe it's the medication I'm on, which is helping me tremendously, but also making me gain weight...despite my efforts to lose it...
it could be any number of things, which I won't go into now,
but I got nothin'. Zip, zilch, Nada.

Except for this (my thanks to Patti for pointing it out to me)

maybe I'll have something to post about when fall gets here. In Texas, that should be about mid December ;)