November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to seeing my mother and sitting at the table (which will be overloaded with food of course) with her and my husband and three children, talking and laughing. We always have giggle fests until we're practically sick, spewing pie and holding our bellies. Good times!!

Here's something I stitched a while ago and gave away in 2004....

It's Pumpkin Row by Liberty Street Designs. I wonder if the person I gave it to ever did anything with it....

Happy turkey day y'all!

November 16, 2008

fear is not good

Fear Not
Originally uploaded by Deep Fried Cupcake
See this cute little Shepherd's Bush ornament I stitched? I know that I stitched it, remember doing it. Can't find it to save my life. Not in with the finished ornaments. Not in the pile of stitching yet to be made into something. And what's even more perplexing...I found another kit just like it in my stash the other day, that's what sent me on the hunt to begin with.
Ever stitch something and then completely forget what you did with it?
I'm pretty sure I must have given it away, hence, the second kit so it could be restitched. But no clue as to WHO it was given to.
Losing your mind is rather fearful, don't you think?

November 15, 2008

code names

Whenever my hubby and I are talking about the pugs, Astro's ears perk up. He knows his name. And he can spell...several words. He's pretty smart. We have to be careful.
Muttley also knows his name, (it's actually uncanny just how quickly he knew it, we had him at the vets 3 days, no lie, THREE days after we got him, to have him looked over and get a round of shots, and the gal behind the counter said "hey Muttley", and his head spun around to see what she wanted.) ANYway, he mainly watches his brother to get the low down on what's being said, so he'll know to spaz out or not. Equally as smart as Astro, dontchathink?
SO. This can be quite tricky when we're talking about things like, did you boil that chicken for Muttley? (Even chicken is really a dangerous word 'cause Astro knows how to spell it)...or did you remember to buy their get the picture.
We've come up with the perfect solution....CODE NAMES.
And this picture perfectly represents the names we picked.
The one on the bottom is Astro, aka GROUND CONTROL.
And the one in the chair is Muttley, aka MAJOR TOM. (from the David Bowie song Space perfect, no?)
Yep, we ran a system check earlier this evening and we're set on go! Yippee!

November 13, 2008

a winner, trust me

Thanks to all that entered my little giveaway for my Blogiversary! I used the Random Generator thing just about an hour ago (after almost forgetting!)...and have spent the hour since then trying to figure out how to save the screen shot of the list, and then the screen shot of the winner. But apparently I am way too old and stupid to figure out how to do it and that's one hour of stitching time I'll never get back so let's move on here and y'all just trust me when I say the thing RANDOMLY picked


as the winner!

(The runner up was ksmarylou)

So, CONGRATULATIONS Nicole, please email me (my blog name at hotmail) with your info and I'll get your prize mailed out right away! Surely it won't take me as long to do that as it did to unsuccessfully save screen shots. Geesh!

Thanks for playing along, wish I had more than one of these to give away!

(PS. Kelli asked if Pugs really do shed as badly as she's heard. YES. Especially fawns, they have a "double" coat and shed like crazy. The upside is that they are short hairs, so they're harder to form into those hairy "tumbleweeds" under the furniture, lol!
Oh COME ON, don't tell me we're the only ones that get those ;-) )

November 08, 2008

oops...but with a prize!

SO, I knew my "blogoversary" was in October but because I am so very on top of everything around here, I just decided not to celebrate it until November! OK? It was totally intentional you see!

SO, to celebrate my two whole years of blogging joy, I'm offering this little cutie pie for a prize....

It's from Lizzie Kate and is called Acorn Scissor Case. It comes with the cute little premade polka dot case, two tiny orange buttons, an acorn button and an acorn fob for your scissors. TOO CUTE, I tell ya what!

SO, if you're interested in winning this small but terribly adorable gift, leave a comment on this post. That's it, even if you've never commented before, it's OK!
I'll leave the post open until Thursday, November 13th, at 6 pm CST. Then
we'll use that "random number generator" thingy to pick a winner! And then you, the winner, can so totally have this stitched up before Thanksgiving, right? That or stash it until next year I guess ;-)

Good luck!

(Oh, and PS. Please pray or think good thoughts for our little Muttley pug, who has not been feeling well for over a week now. He's been to the vet and is on medication but is not over it yet....we are all a wee bit tearful over the whole matter.
Thanks y'all)!

November 04, 2008

great day

We always feel so good about voting and I don't understand folks who gripe about the state of our country and yet you ask them if they voted and they say NO.
It's not that difficult.
It's our duty, our right, and our privilege.
(Besides, you can't raise your fist and rail against the current prez if you didn't even have the gumption to go and vote against him in the first place ;-)