August 27, 2009

sailing along...

A little more progress on my Sail Away SAL piece....

still need to put some initials and the heart charm in that flower wreath, but will save that for last.

Also finished up my Finch Song....

which was a joy to stitch!

On a non-stitchy note, we had a little, well, big actually, health scare with my hubby, but after visiting the cardiologist and then the family physician today, we got news that it wasn't anything serious. Still have some blood work results to look at, but so far, so good! Hubby's health is always an issue around here, guess when you have heart problems, that's to be expected, but sometimes even small things get magnified out of fear it could be something serious. At least now he goes in when I force the subject. Back in the 80's when he was sick with his thyroid (to the point of being hospitalized), I'd told him then, for months before the hospital trip, that something was seriously wrong. I just knew it! He wouldn't go. Turns out he had Graves disease, with all sorts of complications, you can't imagine. Then again in '97 when he had the heart attack, he didn't listen again and wouldn't go to the doctor, kept saying it was just indigestion, etc. Didn't go until three days later! The serious damage from that one he lives with EVERY DAY! But, ever since then, when I say "you're going", he doesn't argue! MEN! Gosh, it takes soooooo long to train them!

August 25, 2009

if only...

....I could be near a cool ocean breeze right now....that would be Heaven! Instead, I'm just pretending to be... as I stitch along with my fellow Sail Away pals...

I am actually further along right now than these pics show, but just haven't busted out the camera yet to get pics...

If you haven't guessed by now, this is Sail Away, a kit from Shepherd's Bush. To say I'm lovin' it would be an understatement!

Something else we've loved recently is a tomato pie recipe I found here, it is truly yummy, and just like she says, it's better served cold, so after I made this one and it cooled off, it went straight to the fridge and we ate it the next day...

Once again (this is our second pie), it was consumed before a picture could be taken of the baked pie, so you'll just have to look at the vanilla sugar blog to check out what the final product looks like! It's so awesome! Fresh Texas grown tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, how could you go wrong?! Make it! (My pie crust looks so pitiful in this picture, it's a homemade one and doesn't look perfect, but it's the best!You can find the recipe to it in my sidebar.)

Thanks for visiting! Stay cool y'all!

August 12, 2009


Long time, no blog!
It's not really that I have nothing to say. Or anything to show (see below), it's just that I haven't really felt like saying it or showing it. Anyone know what I mean? So, there are few words for this post, just mostly pictures, it's the best I can do for now...

Design by Shakespeare's Peddler
"I Love the Birds"
NPI and Belle Soie silks
over two on 35 ct. Daily Grind linen

and a recent package from the finisher. You can click on this picture to see all of these better....

Designs by Birds of a Feather
WDW, GAST threads over 2 on
36 ct. Meadowlark linen

and a design from Twisted Threads

"America" (kit)
one over one, with threads and linen from kit