July 15, 2010

a few more flags

It is so dang hot here today...hubby was helping me move some of these things out into the sun room so I could get pics, and about halfway through, about to faint, we gave up! So while this is not all of the rest of my patriotic stitching, it is a little more, for your viewing pleasure ;-)

as you can see, a lot of it is not "finished"...need to work on that!

Looking at the picture below, here's some information, from left to right in each row
back row:Blackbird Designs Home of the Brave , Carriage House Samplings Long May She Wave;
2nd row: Shepherd's Bush Olde Glory, Birds of a Feather Land I Love, Blackbird Designs Stars & Stripes
3rd row: Handwork America Pillow, Shepherd's Bush Peace for All
4th row: Blackbird Designs Union Forever, Ewe & Eye & Friends Liberty Days

and a few of the framed ones....

On the left, in the back, is Lizzie Kate's Land I Love, and all the rest are from Bent Creek kits, except for the bottom left one, which is from Chessie & Me and is called Love Liberty.

All of the links I've posted are just convenient ones I found online, for easy reference, I am not affiliated with any one of them, or promoting their website :)

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate each and every one of you, especially the sweetie-pies that leave comments ;-)

I leave you today with some fat pug legs, these belonging to Muttley...


July 11, 2010

days late and pesky husbands

Had a couple of patriotic finishes to share with my faithful readers, way before a few days before the start of July, but life went a little haywire and messed with my blogging plans.

That's life!

Well, here's one from Little House Needleworks....

Liberty and Justice

and from Heart in Hand....

grand old flag

Anyway, hubby had an accident at work and long story short, he dislocated his shoulder and bruised a couple of ribs, but he's OK and will go back to work in another week or so, after being HOME for three (count them...t h r e e )weeks. I loves me some hubbies, but when they come into the bathroom to watch you pee, they have to go. There's only so much one can deal with. Seriously, I'm happy it wasn't much worse...in fact the doctor told him that most men his age (like he's 90 or something, ha, he's only in his early fifties) would have needed surgery, but hubby is healing nicely and for that I'm very thankful.

and Muttley is also very thankful for some quality Dad time

money lovin'

All of this happened during the big birthday week, so the birthdays were a little subdued this year, as he was in a lot of pain those days. I think we'll celebrate this next week by going to see Toy Story 3 and my plans are to put so much butter on my popcorn that I will just slide right out of my seat when it's all over! Yay!

Here's a picture of the birthday girls, lo, all those years ago....(22 to be exact). She was brand new and at 24, I pretty much was too, lol!

22 years ago....

weird look on my face, huh? Probably just tired. Babies are exhausting.

patriotic basket

Here are some random pictures of some patriotic things I have gathered from around the house...

patriotic stitching

please excuse dust and pug hairs as I'm just not a good housekeeper, let's be honest here. There are lots of framed patriotic pieces around too...someday I'll gather those up, knock off the dust and take pictures...bet y'all can hardly wait ;-)

patriotic stitching

**edited to add some designer info, to the best of my recollection :)**
(in the picture above, from upper left to right: the large flag with acorn wreath is from the Blackbird Designs Fine Collection book, and is called July Celebration; the America Fob (only bottom half shown) is from Shepherd's Bush; the May You Be Blessed ornament is from the Blue Ribbon Designs Patriotic Wishes Volume 1 leaflet, it was a gift from a friend; the tall skinny flag with America under it was a kit from Twisted Threads; the lady holding the flag, dated 2003 in big letters is called Liberty House & is from Ewe & Eye & Friends; the little pudgie guy holding a flag is called Glory Fob from Shepherd's Bush as is the Oh Say sheep and the little mattress pincushion in front of it, from a kit called Tiny Flag ; Pray for Peace is from Birds of a Feather. Hope this helps! Any questions, just shoot me an email!)

Hope everyone had a happy 4th and are heading into summer by having fun and staying cool in this heat. It's just unbearably hot all over the country...our first electric bill for the summer was double what it was this time last year! I'm not complaining, a/c is a Godsend, whatever the cost...don't you think?


(me, circa 1966)