March 21, 2012

new additions, part one

There have been some recent and not so recent additions to our home lately, and since I have been so neglectful in my blogging, a few are from last year even! If I don't start somewhere, I'll never catch up, so here goes, the first installment

The most recent one, back from the framer:

This is my Jenny Bean Sampler that I worked on all last fall and through the holiays...

Stitched on 40 count Ink Spot Black, it was a "sun-room" project that I could only stitch on during the day when the light was good, so I kept her out there, and another project in the living room to stitch on in the evenings, when not at work.

The chart is from The Scarlet Letter and I stitched it with the Au Ver A Soie silks called for.

Jenny Bean had been in my stash for a while, but here's what made me pull her out and get stitching last fall:

This little kitty came to live with us back in September. My friend had adopted a dog from our local animal shelter, and while I was there with her, I'd spotted some really cute kittens, so I had to go back. My son was wanting another cat to keep his cat company while he was at work during the day, but because she was sick when we first got her, she had to stay at our house, so his cat didn't get sick too. He named her Jenny. Well, long story short, it didn't work out for him, so we got to keep her :)

Now, what do you think this kitty gets called? Why Jenny BEAN, naturally! She is much bigger now and filled in some since her spay operation (she was so thin!), but for some reason, I cannot find those photos, so the ones above will have to suffice for now.
Notice the pug lounging in the background in the last picture? As you might guess, this little girl has shown all the boys who is boss.

So there it is, recent and not so recent additions. I will return soon and post more....more framed finishes and yes, another fur-baby addition ;-p
Thanks for visiting my blog!

March 07, 2012

framed finish

Hello there,

Anyone still reading? I did not forget this blog of mine, no dears, my friend Patti would not let me ;-)! Lots of things going on, I will try to be brief and list them here:

*tennis elbow which hurts so bad one considers chopping their arm off.
*contemplation of why one would take such drastic measures, maybe reconsider.
*health problems with pugs, one in a cone (again!) for months on end, the other having one problem after another, the last being a tumor and it's removal.
*serious freak out over pug health problems, not to mention husband having issues at the same time.
*work related issues
*too busy stitching with my free time and having no desire to be on computer posting to blog (sorry, just keeping it real!)

Could probably come up with more excuses, but enough of that, here's my recent framing finish!

This design is from The Scarlett Letter chart called "And All Was For An Appil"

stitched on 40 count Natural linen with DMC thread. The last two photos were taken outside, and the true linen color shows better in them.
I could've sworn I took pictures of the bottom half of this, but can't seem to find them!

That's all for now. I will leave you with a picture of the boys sitting with their Dad, one showing his backside, where the tumor was removed and the other, happy to finally be cone free, after seeing a specialist for his eye problems and finally getting some results.

And I'll also leave you with the promise of posting more often....tootles for now!