January 28, 2009

wednesday's child

Remember that old nursery rhyme?

Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace.
Wednesday's child is full of woe.
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving.
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

(Don't ask me why I think of this stuff, it always happens when I try to think of a title for a post)
How true does this ring with you or with your family members? I'd have to say, in our family, it's pretty accurate. Strange, huh?

Anyhoo, there's a box I finally got unpacked today and in it, I found this...

It's a little Bent Creek freebie from years and years ago (I don't have it any longer), didn't know what to do with it, so the finisher made it into a scissor keep for me.

Meanwhile, back in blog-blog land, Siobhan gave me this little award
(thanks gf!)

I'm supposed to list five addictions, so here goes

1. All things stitching related (that's a given, right?)
2. Lotions and hand creams.
3. Starbucks Carmel Frapps.
4. Internet (stitching, and foodie blogs).
5. All things Pug.

I'm not tagging anyone else since I am usually so bad about playing along myself....I've enjoyed reading these on various blogs though :-)

The ice is melting around here...it wasn't too bad last night while at work, but the pugs were none too happy about the melting part this morning...

(note on the mop bucket...it's not ours, it was back there when we moved in, we just haven't gotten rid of it yet. I should be embarrassed, but actually, it's kind of appropriate considering the melting ice and the pugs who hate wet feet, lol!)

January 26, 2009

rainy days and mondays...

Remember that song?

Wow, I sure did love her....what a voice.

Anyhoo...I'm not blue, just thought of that song since it's Monday. And it's rainy, ha! We're in for an ice storm here in North Texas, tonight and through tomorrow. Ugh, wouldn't bother me except that I'll probably have to go to work in it instead of snuggling in with the pugs for a stitch-fest. If I'm really lucky, it'll be bad enough for them to close up and I won't have to go in....but that's only happened once in 12 years so not holdin' my breath here.

On the stitching front, I recently finished the first part of the Loose Feathers Mystery Sampler (Blackbird Designs)....

I'm so far behind on all these. The plan is to stitch them all on separate pieces of fabric and the stitch them all together when done. Kind of doubting this choice since seeing it done on one piece and how pretty that was/is. Too late now though!

Stay warm and safe, and have a great week ya'll!

January 21, 2009

Noah Stocking

This was finished up last fall, so don't go thinkin' I'm such a fast stitcher, lol!

After I saw Siobhan's finish last year, and then my friend Patti's stocking in person, it was a "have to stitch this asap" project.

Don't you just love how other stitchers keep us inspired?!

This is a Carriage House Samplings design, stitched on 40 ct. Lentil linen from Lakeside, and with DMC threads...

and as always, (....) did the finishing on this for me...

I'm so thankful for my stitching pals, who keep my needle moving, whether it's a blog post, a finishing album, or seeing something in person, if it weren't for my friends, I'd probably stitch a LOT less and just collect stash...which is always a good thing too, I'm just sayin' :-)

January 10, 2009

winter snapperland

After seeing a friend stitch this a while back, I fell in love with it. It wasn't just the whole design, but the fabric she was using, that did it for me. So with her permission, I copied her choice...

Bent Creek Winter Snapperland series stitched on 32 ct. Raw Opalescent fabric with recommended threads....

too bad you really can't see in these pics, how sparkly the fabric is...

I only used one of the "snaps", the black one, on the horse, wasn't too fond of the other ones...

an enjoyable stitch, although it did take me a loooooooooong time to finally finish it....

the big plan is for a pillow of some sort and some Pugs that will be good and not slobber on it for me ;-)

January 08, 2009

queen sheep

Another recent one, back from the finisher!

This one was a quick and fun stitch,

Queen Sheep kit from Shepherd's Bush...I want to marry it!

And here are both of my helper Pugs, tired from a long day of mischief...
that's Muttley with his arm around Astro. If Astro is sleeping next to me, Muttley will come up and lay directly on top of Astro until he eventually is forced to move over (or have a heat stroke, choice is his), so that Muttley is then the one beside me! (He's got a whole little brother thing going on).

But at least he's nice about it, right?

January 07, 2009

tiny flag

This one was a really fun stitch :-) And I wanted it to look just like the little pillow on the chart cover and as usual, the finisher did not disappoint!

Shepherd's Bush Tiny Flag kit

I can't tell you how much I'm in love with this little thing, lol!
(the wind was blowing pretty strongly yesterday and so the USA charm is a little crooked because of it, it's not really stitched on like that)

here's the back of it....

and here, you can see, I had a little helper taking pictures yesterday ;-)

Astro just wanted to make sure I was doing it right, hee!

January 06, 2009

rosebud and companions

Organizing my new stitchy closet today, I came across some finishes that I got back from the finisher late last year and never got a picture of until now. There are three or so "smalls" and a big one to share, and here's one of them now:

Design by Ewe & Ewe & Friends called "Purple Rosebud Scissor Companion".
I think it was a kit but now may be offered in just chart form....

I'll share the others later this week :-)
In the meantime, there's something I have to vent about. There's a coworker at my workplace that got his son a puppy for Christmas. So I've asked about it a few times to see how she (the puppy, she's a Lab) is coming along in her new household. Every time, he starts ranting about it, how bad she is, she jumps on the couch, pees on the floor, etc. Tonight he told me he went to let her out in the rain last night, thought she was outside, but when he turned around, she was at his feet, peeing on the floor. So he said he "lost it". Meaning, he spanked her, probably too hard and too long, as if any of it is warranted in the first place.
It just chaps my behind that a grown man is spanking a puppy! For anything. PERIOD. It's all about behaviour modification with a dog, they don't understand yelling or hitting. So instead of "losing it" with my coworker, I tried explaining some puppy training methods that I've used with our Pugs. Like the water bottle...boy hidee, just SAY "water bottle" around Muttley and he's all "Man, I'm cool, it's all good"...he stops whatever it is he's doing (that's wrong) IMMEDIATELY. And we've only ever actually squirted him with it three times! It works!
So anyhoo, he acted like he was going to take my advise and hopefully he will...
I look at our boys and their sweet faces (see below)...and it makes me sick to think anyone would spank such a loyal and loving companion...

Muttley would like to say "Hi. Can you tell my mama I'm a good boy and she can stop with the water bottle threats already? Thank you so very much."

January 04, 2009

And the winner is....

C Cubed! Please email me at my blog name at hotmail.com with your info and I'll get your Gingerbread Cottage chart mailed right out to you!

Thanks to everyone for playing along!