August 14, 2011

one finish and two wip's

First, the finish:

I Thee Wed by The Goode Huswife

Stitched on 36 ct. Vintage Sienna Night by Lakeside
DMC threads, 2 over 2

The top picture is the truest as far as the color of the linen. I LOVE this linen, it's so easy to see on and not the huge PITA that stitching on black can be. Every stitch on this was a joy.

Now, for my first WIP:

The Charlotte Clayton sampler.

Stitching this on 36 ct. Vintage Sand Dune, with Needlepoint silks.

How appropriate is it, that the last photo, of the doggie, has a DOG HAIR on it? Those pugs, they sure shed a lot ;-)

My second WIP:

THIS BLOG!! Poor Siobhan, first she encourages me, then she has to come to my rescue! She's pretty smart, and thankfully, a sweet friend :) Otherwise, this blog would be toast.

Now, all I'm aiming for here is bigger pictures, less clutter, and a nice blog header picture. Once I get those things in place, I'm never changing anything ever again! Meanwhile, if things look weird, just pretend you don't see anything wrong ;-)...
it takes me a while to do computer stuff!

Thanks for visiting! Happy stitching, and stay cool!

August 11, 2011


Yep, it's me, alive and well!

Not dead, and no major injuries. Puggies are well, fat and happy :-)
Thanks to those of you that have emailed asking if all is well, or to say they missed my posts! You're nice!
I have been stitching, just having several issues of frustration with my blogging experience that have not worked themselves out yet. Mainly because I don't know just how to work them out!

*First of all, Blogger is such a booger for me these days, even to post these pics now took me FORever.

**Then there's my cruddy camera and horrible pictures. Ugh.
***Not liking the looks of the blog, but too lazy or tired or just too inept to change it!

****Tennis elbow! Painful and limits computer time (typing hurts!) Just been to the doctor for it (finally!) and got a cortisone shot and list of exercises to do, so hopefully that's much better soon.
Oh geesh! Sounds like whining, which I'm not, just explaining my absence ;)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Picked up my Mary Beale sampler from the framer today, so I thought I'd share that and then come back later with what I've been stitching.

So here she is, Her Sampler, which is now MY sampler :)

The frame moulding just jumped out at me, as we were mulling over many different ones, I looked over my left shoulder, and spotted this one, and it ended up being the ONE!

So very happy with my framing gals. If you live anywhere in the area, you should check them out! Framing MemorEze in Plano Texas.
They are pretty much the only ones I can trust to do my things right. In fact, I had to take them something to redo, that had been done at another place :( Later on, you will see the before and after pics (some of you have already seen the before....hideous!)

This sampler was framed under museum glass, can you tell? Usually don't put glass on my pieces, but wanted to try out that stuff, and I do like it :)

Stitched on 40 count Park City Blend by R&R
over 2 with one strand DMC thread
Design by Mary Beale, Her Sampler was included in the 1998 Pocketbook Needlework, which is still available for purchase in Mary Beale's online shop.

Well that's all for now my friends. Thanks for visiting and for your friendships, I am very blessed by each one of you! Sorry I have not been commenting on your blogs very much, will try to do better as my elbow/arm pain gets better!

PS. Who's ready for Autumn?
Just wonderin' ;-)