September 16, 2009

yes, there are still cupcakes here

It's been overcast and raining here, so the picture is the best I could get, just a little peek of our strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting....

when the weather is like this, all I want to do is cook, bake, and make stuff!
Today for dinner I made oven baked cornflake chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, cheddar bay biscuits, and green beans. And of course, the cupcakes for dessert :-)
I had some leftover strawberry frosting (the recipe was enough to frost a three layer cake!)so that will go on some fluffy sugar cookies and with me to work later in the week...too much sugar for one household!

Speaking of sugar, did you know you can make your very own brown sugar? I was kinda skeptical, but tried it and DUH, it works! (I may be 45, but I can learn new tricks ;-) !
All you do is add one tablespoon molasses to one cup white sugar and stir it around with a fork until it's blended together. If you want dark brown sugar, add 2 tablespoons molasses for each cup of sugar. Store it in a ziplock bag and TADA!! No more $2 bags of brown sugar for me! Hah, take that Imperial, lol!

Stitching wise, a little more progress on my SB Sail Away SAL...

it seems very appropriate to be finishing up this SAL up as we head into fall....the best time of year to me!

September 08, 2009

greetings (with a little help from my friend)

A dear, sweet friend of mine that likes to stitch and talk about stitching (Patti, I'm talking about you)asked me if I'd seen this book by BBD. Of course I had seen it, and not only that, but I owned it! So I found it and took it to her so she could look at it (I'm pretty sure she ended up ordering it). was buried in my stash along with a project I'd started from it several years ago. Like 2004. For whatever reason, (well, honestly, because I have stitching related ADD) I'd become disgusted with it at the midway point and tossed it to the side.
But when it saw the light of day again after so many years stuck away, it sang a pretty song to me and that song was "I'm so beautiful, you know you want to finish me" thanks to Patti, for inquiring about the book, Greetings is now finished!

It's supposed to have some snowflakes, which are made from Queen stitches, scattered about, but I'd rather dance with the devil than do queen stitches, so yeah, no snowflakes!

The fabric is actually much darker than it's showing here, I just can't get a good picture with this camera....anyway, it's 32 ct. Autumn Gold from Lakeside and stitched with GAST and WDW threads.

This is totally random, but after hearing it the other day, I haven't been able to get it out of my head....

From back in early 1986, when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter....

Ah hey ma ma ma! Take it easy on yourself....