November 29, 2009

blessings abound

Gosh, it sure is hard to believe we're only one day away from December! This year is really flying by! I've been so bad about keeping up with this blog and am so late in posting some things. Figured that late is better than never though, so here goes!

First off, I won a blog give away! Couldn't believe it as I was just commenting on Jolene's blog and wasn't even thinking about entering my name for the prize, and then the next time I read her blog post, just happily reading along, there was my name! Look at what Jolene sent me:

and not just the beautiful chart, but all of the goodies needed to stitch it too!

I know there are lots of us that have received something wonderful from Jolene, she had so many fabulous treasures that she gave away, what fun it was! Her blog is a real blessing, not because of the prizes, but she always posts very inspiring or uplifting things, some things that really make you think or count your blessings.
Thank you so much Jolene, for being a blessing to so many! And especially to me ;-)

OK, on to these things....before it's Christmas time and these are just repulsive to look at, ha!

My stockings from the Blackbird Designs Tis Hallowe'en book, which are not yet finished into actual stockings, but I'll get it done by next fall ;-)

I've worked on these since my last blog post....

and nothing else....

they may be small (about 3 x 5 inches)....

but some of them took me a while :-)

loved each one though....

especially this one.....

but OK, here's where I lost steam people....

it's as far as I could go without tossing it to the curb in favor of another project. Sigh...oh well. Will finish before next year. There are two stockings from the book I chose not to stitch, so once this one is done, that's it!

My friend Patti helped me find a cute little metal tree to hang these from, once they are finished. It has to be spray painted black first, but it'll be really perfect! Look at Hobby Lobby on "the gold table" (that's what the employees there call it I think)....little gold metal tree, got mine half off!

So that's all I have to show for the time being.....thanks for looking even though most of you are probably focused on Christmas stuff now :-)I may not be posting for a while as we're having a crisis with my mother and I'll be going down to East Texas to help her when I can and it will all be very exhausting to say the least.
Until next time, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Stay well and keep safe! Hugs!