April 19, 2008

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden
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Another A & E finish. This one by Goode Huwife.

Happy weekend!

April 17, 2008

not french

The lighting was so awful on that last picture of my "Union Forever" finish. So I took one with a flash just to see if the real color of the linen would show, and it did....

I liked it because it was/is very golden.

Ever notice how those French gals take the best pictures of their stitching? How do they do that?

Anyhoo...so I finish up other things too, instead of working on that verse.

Like this one...

It's Cherry Hill by Country Cottage Needleworks.

Stitched on 29 count cream Glenshee with recommended threads.
(pictures taken by non-French gal, lol)

A fun stitch. Not at all pesky!

April 15, 2008


when I'm supposed to be working on my A&E sampler, I finish other things instead...

...like this Blackbird Designs "Union Forever"

My friend Patti had the same pattern and stitched hers up so beautifully...when I saw it about a week or so ago, I ran right home and pulled out some fabric to start on mine!

It called for Antique Cotton by R&R, but I found some Moonlit Glenshee that was perfect, it's much more golden than what it appears to be in these photos.

I stitched it with the recommended threads, WDW and GA.

Thanks for the inspiration Patti!

April 13, 2008

the one that's kicking my rear

Adam and Eve samplers are really my thing. I like them a LOT. And when I saw this one from Scarlett Letter and fell in love with it, my friend Sharon got it for me as part of a Christmas present. That was in 2006 and during 2007 I worked on outlining...as all of the creatures along with A & E are outlined in black cross stitch, and then filling in. I was "oh so happy" to be nearing the end of it and told my friend Siobhan (who had already completed hers), "oh I'm so happy! I only have the verse left to do and then it's DONE"!

Well, she already knew what I didn't....that the verse is a MAJOR pain....

and as I was happily outlining (with backstitch) the verse, happy thoughts and songs filled my head....

and then. and then....work began on filling in the verse with satin stitches...

and curse words soon filled the air...

just as Siobhan was writing back to say "good luck with that verse, it's a real doozy"....

The above is as far as I made it before throwing it down in disgust. I felt so betrayed. To be honest, I was thinking...wow, this piece looks just fine without the verse, maybe I can just rip it out....but dang, the verse makes it...

so anyway, that's where I left off and I haven't touched it in about two weeks...

but it is calling my name

I'm trying to forgive it and move on, but it's hard....

April 10, 2008

sweet gift

Finally found the battery charger for the camera AND we finally have some sun today after several days of severe weather...so I want to share what Nancy surprised me with this Easter.

Isn't it lovely? Just like Nancy, so sweet and dear...

Every stitch perfection, each pin so perfectly placed...

Thank you again dearest Nancy! I will always think of you and our friendship when I look at my lovely pinkeep!

April 04, 2008

still kickin'!

So many people have emailed or made comments that they are missing my posts, I am so touched that anyone cares! Thank you!
I have just been in a funk, even though things are OK here, we just had a rough start to 2008, the first three months were pretty trying to be honest, but I have been stitching! My therapy, remember? Working on a big Adam & Eve sampler that I was so thrilled about being almost finished with, until coming to the last part of it, and it's kickin' my butt!! I had to put it down for a while and work on something else. Pictures coming soon...
Also, received a lovely and wonderful Easter surprise from Nancy and I'm sure she's wondering why I haven't posted a picture yet. Well, I would if I could just find the battery charger for the camera! It's around here somewhere...has to be!
So anyhoo....still alive, still here....I'll be back after the house is put in order and I find that charger! Don't give up on me just yet!
Oh, and this song is stuck in my head, BIG TIME. I sing it over and over and over, what is wrong with me?!