March 30, 2007

on second thought...

There are probably not really dumb dogs, only dumb OWNERS.
We'd never let our dogs out in the yard alone all day so that the only excitement they ever had was to bark at people or the wind out of loneliness...
and we'd never let our dogs run around loose so they could chase cars and risk getting run over. I mean, H E L L O....they're just animals, right? And they all depend on us humans to help them along when they feel the need to just be themselves and maybe act a little nutso. Poor babies. It really is upsetting when you think about it...I just can't stand the thought of people neglecting or abusing animals!

Anyhoo....more pictures of previous stitching from the old blog, just for your viewing pleasure :)

This one is a deisgn by The Goode Huswife, called "With My Needle"

And this one is a Carriage House design called "Big Fish"

And an ornament from one of the JCS Ornament Issues, can't recall which one, but the designer is Little by Little

Will post a few more pictures from my old blog in the next couple of days and also! Two new pillow finishes from dear Tobie. Stay tuned!


Nancy said...

Beautiful stitching Andrea! I love the woman's dress in With My Needle. Thanks for sharing these, and I'll look forward to others and your newly finished pillows.


Tobie said...

Andrea, you're so inspiring! Love your finishes! I agree about pet owners~why the heck bother having a pet that can't spend time indoors with you? That's cruel. We are their world.

Stitch Wizard said...

Your stitching is really beautiful! I love all of these. I agree about being a responsible pet owner. We too love dogs and they are very loved!