August 22, 2007

worker bee

This past week I've been a pretty busy little bee. At my paying job and on my most recent project. Paying work involved coworkers going out of town and my workload doubled, not by choice. Not complaining, just sayin'! The stitching project has been a choice however, and I'm pretty proud of myself, considering how easily distracted I usually become with my stitching, that I haven't veered off course. This girl requires a lot of solid stitching.

And as you can see, I'm almost there:

Well, kinda sorta.

Lots of shading in there....

I think I have a few inches to go...

In case you're wondering, the design is by A Stitcher's Hands, her Becky Boo's design line and is appropriately titled Queen Bee. My plan is to have it made into the stand up as it's shown in that last link. They have it made up at my LNS, and it's really adorable!

Back to the hive!

(edited to add: I forgot to say thank you for the nice comments some of my visitors have left for me. I appreciate your kindness so much!
AND, omg, I clicked on these images after posting them and see several Astro hairs in there! Bless his little pea pickin' heart, such a dear to contribute, lol!)


Anonymous said...

Love Queen Bee's hair! Reminds me of my daughter's. The shading may be tedious, but it sure is effective.

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot Andrea! It's going to be way cool finished as a standup.

Nancy said...

Andrea your Queen Bee is gorgeous! Wow, your stitching is so perfect. She'll be beautiful as a standup.

Funny about Astro's contribution of puppy hair. While I stitch I am always pulling cat hairs out!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, your Queen Bee is just gorgeous and has gone straight on my wish list - thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle said...

Love your Queen Bee - she is beautiful!

Deborah said...

You are doing some really pretty photography lately Andrea! Your queen bee is really lovely!

BugnLVoe said...

It's an one or the other (you cant use hostess dollars on half price items)... like if you don't use it as your half price you can use hostess dollars. But you save more getting it half price unless someone had a $2000+ show. Even at a $1500 show its saving $175. So half is better.

Are you using credit card orders yet? Or mailing in checks?

Yes we are very hopeless... I'm hopeless over that table.... :-)


Anonymous said...

your queen bee is so cool! you amaze me! you always find the neatest designs and point them out to us! i love the shading on her bee hive! :)

BugnLVoe said...

I am almost positive I read that the company was accepting credit cards now all across the board and it was good news for everyone.
I went through the site tonight and I cant find anywhere where that is stated. On the print and go order forms updated 7/07 it has a place for credit card info, but it also says to ask your consultant if she is a participant or something like that.

In the past consultants would have to sign up with a credit card service and set that up.

Maybe it just credit cards with the Shopping online express.

Starting Oct 1st, everyone will get their own website free of charge. If you want to upgrade it to add personal pictures its $4.99 a month. And if people order, its like ordering online express with a credit card

BUT... not everything is included... like right now only candles available is the ones with a crock. No Jar or separates. Which bums me because candles are buy one get one half price right now.

And I think people should be able to sign up and pay online for the collectors club.

Oh well... the october notebook is online to look at and download and all the christmas stuff is fantastic!!!


BugnLVoe said...

I knew I read this somewhere. Finally I found it:

Credit Cards Are Here!

Longaberger now accepts credit cards for show orders! We’ve made it easy for you—all you need to do is accept the Terms and Conditions in WebExpress, enter your customers’ orders and select Credit Card as the payment type—it’s that simple! All the details, including how to submit orders using a credit card and how to locate detailed commission and override reports can be found by clicking on the Credit Card button under Just for You on

Share this fantastic news with all of your customers, hostesses, family and friends—Longaberger is online and ready for business!

Mscutiepatootie said...

Andrea, I love your latest creation. It is just beautiful. Hugs, Nancy PS I miss you

Anonymous said...

Great job, Andrea!! I'd never seen that design before. It is adorable! It'll go nicely with your newly framed angel!

Becs Clayton said...

I have picked mine up after a couple of years! Have opened a yarn store in Cornwall UK, I started it for my daughter,,must finish it Your one is delightful