April 17, 2008

not french

The lighting was so awful on that last picture of my "Union Forever" finish. So I took one with a flash just to see if the real color of the linen would show, and it did....

I liked it because it was/is very golden.

Ever notice how those French gals take the best pictures of their stitching? How do they do that?

Anyhoo...so I finish up other things too, instead of working on that verse.

Like this one...

It's Cherry Hill by Country Cottage Needleworks.

Stitched on 29 count cream Glenshee with recommended threads.
(pictures taken by non-French gal, lol)

A fun stitch. Not at all pesky!


Nancy said...

I love the linen! I have a Merrily Beams sampler stitched on Golden Flax which they don't make anymore, and it's one of my favorites! Cherry Hill is so pretty!

I have wished many times that I was born French!

BugnLVoe said...

You should sell your finished pieces.

I would love to buy Cherry Hill. :-)


BugnLVoe said...

Andrea Andrea bo Bandrea! Banana fanna fo Fandrea! Fe fi mo Mandrea! ANDREA!

Jeff Jeff bo Beff! Banana fanna fo Feff! Fe fi mo Meff! JEFF!



Tobie said...

Hi Andrea, I love your finishes. You definitely take waaay better pictures than moi, that's for sure!

Sharon said...

Beautiful fiinishes! Congrats.

Lelia said...

I don't know why photographs are that way. I become discouraged when the colors aren't right.

Luv your stitching projects! Just fantastic : )

Michelle said...

I love all the pink and red in this - such a cute piece. And you did pick a gorgeous fabric for your Union piece.