July 09, 2008

stitching and cleaning...

...but mostly cleaning. Except that it's too darn hot to clean, so that's when I stitch...

recent WIP's include EE&F Pansy Basket, progress so far:

and Plum Street Samplers Fishes and Bait progress:

Enjoying them both but have to admit the Fishes and Bait is a dream to stitch.

Can't show any progress on the cleaning front, I'd have to roll over and die from embarrassment if anyone saw the state of my house right now. Although, my good friend Sheri is coming over tomorrow for our stitch day and she won't mind, we're cool like that, our priorities are in order ;)

What led to the cleaning frenzy was the purchase of two large bookcases, one for the dining room/kitchen area to hold all my cookbooks, and one for the bedroom for all my crafting books. If you ever want to turn your house totally upside down, just decide to redo a room or organize and there you have it. OMG.

....(oops, I did it again)....edited to remove rant, i'm movin' on!

So back to life....a cool drink on a hot day, good friends, a wonderful husband and kids, stitching projects galore, what more could a girl ask for?


Veronica said...

Your WIPs are looking good :)

Oh yeah, priorities are definitely in order ^.^ Housework... who cares :p

Nancy said...

I always enjoy looking at your stitching Andrea! Pansy Basket has such pretty colors, and I love Fishes and Bait. I've never seen that one and will have to look it up!

My house is a mess right now too. My husband is building a deck, and whenever we are "under construction" my neatness goes away.

Enjoy the things that make you happy! That is what life is all about.

Anonymous said...

I like both those projects. Oh, cleaning is a big waste of time, and I am a disorganized mess, and I like it just fine :)! Kim

Sharon said...

Lovely wip's-I especially love the EEF one.