August 23, 2008

just for fun (again)

Somehow I came across this blog Cake Wrecks, and had a blast looking at all those crazy cakes. OMG, my hubby and I laughed and laughed over some of them, and we scrolled all the way back to the beginning of the blog so we didn't miss any of them. Check it out!

And I'm sorry, another doggie video from YouTube, this one just cracks me up though, especially the last doggie "talking":

It's probably a pretty sad state of affairs that a cat lover ends up with no cats, three pugs and is obsessed with dog videos. But I couldn't be happier ;-)

(and speaking of cats, this website is too funny, lol funny!)


BugnLVoe said...

Some of those cakes are pretty funny. Ha!

Pam said...

I have been reading Cake Wrecks for a while now...hilarious!

piko said...

The pretty dogs make me laugh.:D
You have received an award please visit my blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking such an interest in my stitching. Yes, Come Tarry is a delight to stitch(as of this writing I am on my last band which is the one with all of the satin stitching in white, stay tuned for the framed piece), I bought mine as just a chart on ebay for...$3.00! I'm glad too because I sometimes feel like the kits are a rip off. I know that this particular kit instructs using 1 strand over 2 all the way through, they say it is for a softer feel but I think it was so they wouldn't have to include as much of the specialty threads and have more profit, also, I am not that impressed by specialty threads. I do like having some variations though but some of the brands do not come across with much variation, I use alot of the DMC variation and some wdw, or crescents or maybe even some gasts but not too many and I really hate spending money on silk, plus the silk does not impress me. I have been looking at your stitching here and it is just wonderful, I stopped on your chs stocking and just admired it for several minutes. I, too, have Sail Away on my wishlist and will do that one eventually. I once did Earth Gatherers but sold it on ebay and one of my favs is My Earth which I have displayed in my livingroom, I also love Shepherd's Hill which I bought already completed from an LNS several years ago. Take care and thanks.