August 11, 2011


Yep, it's me, alive and well!

Not dead, and no major injuries. Puggies are well, fat and happy :-)
Thanks to those of you that have emailed asking if all is well, or to say they missed my posts! You're nice!
I have been stitching, just having several issues of frustration with my blogging experience that have not worked themselves out yet. Mainly because I don't know just how to work them out!

*First of all, Blogger is such a booger for me these days, even to post these pics now took me FORever.

**Then there's my cruddy camera and horrible pictures. Ugh.
***Not liking the looks of the blog, but too lazy or tired or just too inept to change it!

****Tennis elbow! Painful and limits computer time (typing hurts!) Just been to the doctor for it (finally!) and got a cortisone shot and list of exercises to do, so hopefully that's much better soon.
Oh geesh! Sounds like whining, which I'm not, just explaining my absence ;)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Picked up my Mary Beale sampler from the framer today, so I thought I'd share that and then come back later with what I've been stitching.

So here she is, Her Sampler, which is now MY sampler :)

The frame moulding just jumped out at me, as we were mulling over many different ones, I looked over my left shoulder, and spotted this one, and it ended up being the ONE!

So very happy with my framing gals. If you live anywhere in the area, you should check them out! Framing MemorEze in Plano Texas.
They are pretty much the only ones I can trust to do my things right. In fact, I had to take them something to redo, that had been done at another place :( Later on, you will see the before and after pics (some of you have already seen the before....hideous!)

This sampler was framed under museum glass, can you tell? Usually don't put glass on my pieces, but wanted to try out that stuff, and I do like it :)

Stitched on 40 count Park City Blend by R&R
over 2 with one strand DMC thread
Design by Mary Beale, Her Sampler was included in the 1998 Pocketbook Needlework, which is still available for purchase in Mary Beale's online shop.

Well that's all for now my friends. Thanks for visiting and for your friendships, I am very blessed by each one of you! Sorry I have not been commenting on your blogs very much, will try to do better as my elbow/arm pain gets better!

PS. Who's ready for Autumn?
Just wonderin' ;-)


Annemarie said...

I am SO ready for Autumn :o)

Oh my, YOUR sampler is a thing of absolute beauty, and so is the frame. It's perfect for it! Thanks for providing the link to the place where we can get our greedy hands on this sampler. It's definitely a must have. You wouldn't have time to stitch it for me, would you?

Good luck with your arm and all of your Blogger issues. Sometimes you just need a break. Nothing wrong with that!

Tracy J said...

Your Sampler is very pretty!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Angela, this is such a fantastic piece, your Mary Beale sampler. Yes, *your* sampler now, lol.
I was having problems with blogger (my follower list had disappeared and I couldn't get it back by no means), too, but they seem to be sorted out. I hope your will be, too, very soon.

Siobhán said...

YaHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! No joke, I was grocery shopping this morning and thought to myself, "Would Andrea think I was a total stalker if I asked her again what she was stitching & when she'd be posting a new blog update?". Then myself said, "Probably, you big dork!". Then I sat down here at the computer with a cup of coffee, open up the bloggy stuff, and there's an update from you. Oh happy day. I know you want to take out a restraining order, but I promise you that the only thing harmful about me is my morning breath. Really.

Your sampler is STUNNING!!!!!!!!! I love it--and the frame you chose is oh my gosh drop dead gorgeous. Perfect choice. You must be thrilled with it.

I'm sorry to hear about the tennis elbow issues! I have heard cortisone shots are excrutiatingly painful but that the result is worth it--I hope that you've gotten some relief!

LMK if I can help you with any of the blogging issues. I found that switching to Mozilla Firefox as my browser (which I now use most of the time) and updating to the new editor from the old editor helped with a lot of issues. I was having a LOT of problems with photos and my daughter was the one who told me about the new editor stuff. It does still take a long time to load the pics--at least for me--but is more user friendly, I think. If I have a lot of pictures to put in a post, I just bring my stitching to the computer area and get a few rows in while the pics load. Again, LMK if I can help. That said--blog when you want to blog, don't blog when you don't want to blog. Enjoy life, take care of yourself and your family, and we will always be eager to see a post from you when you feel like posting.

Your Transatlatic Stalker

Gabi said...

What a gorgeous gorgeous sampler. And that frame is fantastic too.
Glad to see you posting again. Hopefully your blogger issues become better. I'm using firefox and don't have problems with blogger thank goodness.
Hopefully your elbow will be better soon.
Oh, and nope, not ready for Autumn here. It's Winter here and I rather enjoy it that we have a nice temperature and not too hot for once. After that comes Spring which will have already some of those hot days.

Chris said...

Hi Angela!!!
The sampler is gorgeous!!! I love the colors.
Blogger is very difficult and tempramental. I hope that the kinks get worked out!

Stay cool and yes I am SOOOO READY!

Carol said...

That is one amazing sampler, Andrea!! And what a perfect frame choice...

I've been ready for autumn since June--what a summer!

Catherine said...

So good to see a post from you! Your sampler is stunning and your frame choice sets it off so well!!!

Hope your elbow feels better soon!

the striped rose said...

Beautiful sampler!

Joy said...

Andrea, Your sampler is beautiful and the frame is to die for!!! You need to hold on to those framers!

So sorry to hear about your elbow and computer issues. As long as you're well, that's all I need to hear. Best to save your time and energy for stitching instead of blogging.

Take care of yourself...sending good wishes and hugs your way! Hope we all have Autumn days in very near future!

Katrina said...

What a gorgeous sampler!!!! Love it :-).

Try updating to the new blogger editor. Bummer on the elbow and computer issues too!!! And I can't wait for Autumn.

The Queen Bee said...

What a beautiful finish and framing job.

Yes, Mozilla Firefox is the browser to use.... even if you only use it when you log onto your blog. Blogger said, somewhere in the fine print, that Mozilla is the only browser they make Blogger compatible with.

Good luck. Can't wait to see the new framing job.


Margaret said...

It's so gorgeous! I love the frame you picked for it too! It's your fault I ended up getting this chart and printing it out. Now I just need to stitch it. lol!

marly said...

What a stunner. Your sampler is certainly worthy of that gorgeous frame. Very nice finish. Glad the pugs are happy!

Deb said...

Your sampler is just drop dead gorgeous. SWOON! I love it and the frame is absolutely perfect for it.

Hope that your elbow feels better soon. I had a really bad shoulder (calcified tendonitis and a bone spur) and they shot good ole cortisone in it and in two days I could feel a remarkable difference, so fingers crossed for you!

BrendaS said...

Beautiful sampler and the framing is just perfect. GORGEOUS!

Hope your elbow feels better soon and I am SO ready for Autumn:)))

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your sampler is gorgeous and the frame is perfect. So sorry you're having blogging issues. Siobhan already mentioned it... but I use Firefox too and haven't had the issues with blogger that many others have been having.
I want to know what you're stitching now!

Melissa said...

Good to see your post, Andrea! Sorry about the elbow thing - that's gotta hurt! I had something similar awhile ago though it was a mild case.

Now - what a gorgeous piece, both the stitching and the final framing! It's one of those that makes you blink twice!

I also just saw your ABC Hornbook finish from the Spring - gorgeous too! I have this in my to-stitch pile!

Take care!

barbara said...

That's gorgeous!! I love museum glass, btw. :)

Great to hear from you!

Edgar said...

A simply gorgeous sampler framed beautifully!!!!! Congrats!! Now to get my hands on that chart.....

Nancy in WI said...

I'm so happy you posted! Missed you! Your sampler is gorgeous! I've had tennis elbow and know what you are going through. Get better soon!

Sherry :o) said...

I am glad to see your post - I was absent for quite awhile too, sometimes poo happens!

Your sampler is absolutely stunning and I love the frame!

Take care of yourself and I hope all goes well with the shot - worked for my husband in his hip area!

valerie said...

Beautiful stitching and framing! Love it! I hope you're staying cool on TX. Heard about the crazy heatwave! Hope you're elbow starts feeling better.

Christina said...

So lovely to see a post from you.
When I have issues with blogger I use Google Chrome - this seems to sort any problems out.

Michelle said...

I am so happy to see a blog post from you!!! And wowza - look at that sampler all framed. It's gorgeous!!!! I will definitely be giving your framer recommendation a shot - they did lovely work with this piece. Can't wait to see about the others you had redone. Hope your elbow is better soon. As for the blogging issues - I think a lot of us have been having them. Switching from IE to Firefox has made a big difference for me too. With regard to the photo uploads, I have my photos on flickr and then just add the link into my blog post - way easier than the whole uploading bit (no waiting). I'm happy to try to help with anything, if you need it! Although Siobhan may be onto something with the whole "stitch while you're waiting for photos to upload" thing.

Tanya said...

Beautiful sampler!! I like your frame choice too. I hope your elbow feels better soon.

Love to Stitch said...

WOWZA!!! This is one of the most exquisite samplers, and your frame is perfect for it! Thanks to you-- enabling me, I have started this sampler, this past January in the super crazy challenge. I am going to have to break her out again. Amazing!!!!!! Great job, Keep up the great work.

Aussie Stitcher said...

The sampler looks wonderful, to begin with I thought that your had framed it without glass!!! There is no reflection in the glass at all.

trillium said...

is museum glass non-glare glass? Did the framer put a spacer board or piece of mat between the fabric and the glass? I'm just curious.

Do you frame without glass as well? If so, do you put a spacer board or piece of mat to keep the fabric from toughing the frame?

I plan to frame my own cross stitch and want to know as much as I can.