April 26, 2017

New Additions

Grandgirl - February 2017

Fun in the kitchen

Our Oklahoma Puggle July 2014

Harley Quinn - rescue kitten 2016
PSS - Scary One

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With Thy Needle & Thread

Plum Street Samplers
Hello Again!

It has taken me since the last post to figure out how to get pictures onto this blog! It is so difficult from my iPad, not sure why. Trying it from the laptop seems to be easier. Getting back into the swing of things is a bit harder than originally planned, but hopefully it will get easier.

If you follow me on IG or FB, most of the posted pictures will not be new to you...but just trying to catch up here...

Our granddaughter was born in March of 2014, making us Mimi and Poppy finally! She is amazingly smart, gorgeous and funny and the light of our lives! She loves the doggies (esp. Copper, she says "Copper is my BEST friend"!) and helping me in the kitchen. She also loves Peppa Pig, Masha & the Bear and Shopkins!

Copper is our newest doggie addition. My friend Tobie helped us to adopt him from a shelter in Oklahoma, and in July of 2014 we drove up to get him. He is a Puggle, although he has very long legs and people say he looks part Boxer. Who knows, but he is a great dog and we've been so blessed by him, he makes us laugh every day.
On one of our vet visits for shots or whatever, the vet tech had just gotten a kitten down from a tree outside of the clinic (which is on a very busy street)...well, guess who ended up with her? US! Welcome to the ZOO Harley! She's a bit over a year old now, I'll try and post newer pics next time. She's a great cat, funny and loving. Aren't rescued animals the best?!

Astro and Muttley are doing well, although Astro is not too fond of one addition.

In the last year, we had to say goodbye to the original PUG, Scooby, who was 16, our bunny Tober, who was 11, and a kitty we had rescued, Benny. Bruce, the little Chihuahua, also left us after being in heart failure for a year. Astro has had diabetes for almost 3 years, but is doing well. He had cataract surgery 2 years ago and has vision in his right eye (the other one was not a good candidate for the procedure). It was all very expensive and the reason we cannot have nice things, haha! Just joking, but seriously, we'd give up everything for our babies, as most animal lovers would, right?

Stitching wise I am all over the place. Some of the most recent finishes are posted above. It's bad that I cannot recall the names of the patterns, but my brain is pretty fried this week from work deadlines.
Will try and edit later when the names come to me.

Thank you all for the comments, I tried to respond to most of them when time allowed me....I am happy there are some nice people and old friends out there still reading. Due to my work schedule, I most likely will have much shorter posts than this one, aren't you glad?!

Until next time...Be happy and stitch much!


Robin in Virginia said...

Your Granddaughter is a cutie. Your stitching is super; way to go on your finishes. I enjoyed your pet photos.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Hey, hey, Andrea! I always love seeing pics of your beautiful granddaughter and your stitching, too. You've added nicely to your family with the fur baby additions. You must have one busy home!

Carol said...

Aw... your granddaughter is just precious :) I am still patiently (well, not so patiently) waiting to be a grandma--at 62 I am MORE than ready!!

Loved your stitching updates and new pet pictures.

Vickie said...

I loved getting caught up with you. We have a full house with our three adult children still living with us and three poodles and a parakeet! But like you, love it!

Joy said...

I'm glad you're here and no your post are not too long!! I hope you enjoy your stitching as much as that beautiful grand girl!!

Brigitte said...

Lovely to see you back. And also to see some of your finishes.
Great family pictures - the human ones and the furry ones, lol.

Astrids dragon said...

Your granddaughter is adorable, it looks like she keeps you busy!
I love all the pics of your fur family, so sweet.
Your finishes look great, I especially like the Scary One.

BitsAndPieces said...

Hi Andrea! Enjoyed your post.
Your granddaughter is adorable!
Her IG pictures make me smile.
Your stitching is always beautiful.
Take care!