November 15, 2006

can't help myself

I know, another Pug picture....what can I say?!

Tell me this is not one spoiled pug pup! In his kennel, one of his favorite spots, he got a little chilled (we had ferocious winds today and a low temp. at least by Texas standards), so his mom wrapped him up.

You can probably tell, he really had a hard time coping.

Sorry, but this is the sweetest dog on the face of the earth and one can't help but love him to bits!(this coming from a cat person, mind you!)

OK, well, something stitching related, this was posted once before on my old blog, but with Thanksgiving arriving soon, here it is again:

Thankful Sheep, a kit from Shepherd's Bush. Fun stitch!


Melissa said...

He's too cute for words! I love Thankful Sheep. Beautiful finishing.

Michelle said...

I love your Thankful Sheep. Too cute! I keep thinking about getting this whole SB series...