February 14, 2007

my valentine

Whew, made my self imposed deadline to have this one done by today!

My Valentine by Blackbird Designs:

This was stitched on 30 ct. Alabaster linen with GA and WDW threads over two. Some pesky over one had to be done for the verse. Not all that happy with my initials, think they're kinda wonky, so I may redo that....maybe with DH's initials as well, and some kind of "25 years together" thing on it. I don't know. Always planned on stitching Drawn Threads "The Marriage of the Minds" to commemorate our 25th, so maybe this one doesn't really need to mention it.

Speaking of our 25th, today is the day! We're not doing anything big, just a favorite meal at home. We may go out tomorrow night for steak or something. We;ve talked about going somewhere for Spring Break, we'll both have some time off then and can get away. Not sure where yet.

Still need to post a progress pic on HOHRH, but wanted to get a bit further along so there's really something to show, lol. Also need to crank out an ornament this month so I can keep up with my "goals" for this year. Not real big on stitching goals like some people are, but have some things I'd like to get done and accomplished, so I came up with two. One is the ornament a month thing, and the other is one block a month on my village. Everything else is gravy!

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day, may it be sweet and filled with love!


Deb said...

Andrea, the sampler is beautiful as is and Happy Anniversary!

Deborah said...

Wow, gorgeous! Why don't I remember this one? I'm sure I have it though! Happy 25th!