January 28, 2007

bluebirds and boys

Here's my finished Bluebird's Message.
I like how it turned out and took
Deborah's advise to not fiddle with the wing.
Actually did try a little backstitching in between the two colors and it looked worse, so that's when I went with the advise, lol.
My finisher is playing around with a couple of ideas for this, I know it'll be turned into something beautiful!

And here are my Birds of a Feather "Spring" and "Summer" finished pieces that Tobie
made into pillows for me!
Aren't they adorable? I found the pom-pom fringe at Hancock Fabrics

And the fringe for this one too. She used a hot pink velour fabric on the backs of these, so perfect! Thanks Tobie!

Here's the little man, out for his walk on this cold Sunday afternoon:

Those wee legs cast a long shadow

Here he battles the big Dog, Scooby, for the HoHo Froggie (you can see a little of the pillow backing in this picture too
More chasing and tormenting of the big dog. Poor Scoob.
You might think I'd be embarrassed by all of the shredded paper on the floor (thank you puppy, love ya!), the dust, the piles of books, magazines and stitching stuff in the background, but you'd be mistaken. I am too tired to care, much less be ashamed, lol!


Deborah said...

Oh my gosh Andrea, the pillows are wonderful! The pom pom fringe is the perfect finish. Congrats to you and Tobie.

Tobie said...

Hi Andrea, I have to say that these pillows were probably the hardest thing to send home, of all the things I've finished off. You picked the perfect trims for these pieces! When they were all done, I couldn't help just hugging them, & DH rolled his eyes.
I just love all the pictures of your fur kids, and the close up of Astro in your arms is my favorite, what a CUTIE he is!
Oh, and congrats on your Bluebird finish too! It's such a pretty design. I'm looking forward to seeing how Deb finishes it for you!

Deb said...

Those pillows are fantastic, you both did a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

WOW, these are so beautiful - great job Tobie & Andrea - your talents never cease to amaze!!