May 06, 2008

commercial songs

Isn't it funny how advertisers use old songs for commercials and then kids today think the songs are new and they have to be told that no, that song came out thirty years ago. And they look at you like you're an alien.

But then these car commercials come out and use newer "hipper" songs (that old people probably aren't supposed to "get") and even though you're an alien, you track down the song on that new fangled intranets and get hooked on it and sing it night and day.

Um hum, you know who I'm talking about. Here's the song from that Acura commercial.
Listen at your own risk...


Nancy said...

Oh yes, this alien is familiar with that song too!

Anonymous said...

I am going to start dancing to this song! One kid is coming home from school tonight with a friend. I bet they will want to dance along with me :)))) Thanks!