May 01, 2008

post every day in may?

Somewhere, on one of the blogs I read, there was mention of blogging every day in May...a group of bloggers doing that? Not sure, but I figure "why not"? Maybe you all will get sick of me, but I will try my hardest to make a post every day. In May. OK?

So here we go!

We made these last night:

Fried green tomatoes! Oh my gosh, we haven't had any in ages and we love them so much! They are sweet and sour and crispy...heaven!

There's no secret to making them, so easy it's silly.

Get a green tomato, wash it up.
Slice it thinly or thickly, however you like.
Mix together in a bowl, 2 parts cornmeal to one part flour, season it with salt and pepper.
In large skillet, preheat your oil, you want it pretty hot but not smoking.
Dip your tomato slice into the cornmeal mixture, press down on it all over ( I use my hands), lay on a paper towel until ready to fry.
Fry each slice until golden brown on each side. Drain on paper towels and eat right away!



Anonymous said...

Nah, we won't get sick of you if you post every day.......impossible to get sick of visiting with a friend every day.

I've never had green fried tomatoes, but they sound yummy.

BTW is Astro going to blog every day in May too??? BG

Leigh said...

Oh yummy!!! I haven't had any fried green tomatoes in ages. My mouth is watering!!

Good luck posting every day!! Can't wait to read all the posts.

Kristen said...

I haven't had those in a while. Yum, I will try to keep up with you! :) Tee hee!!!

Nancy said...

Your Fried Green Tomatoes look delicious! (I like the movie too!) I look forward to reading something from you every day in May!

Melissa said...

Oh man those look great!

Sharon said...

mmmm yummy!

Michelle said...

I've never had Fried Green Tomotoes, though I hear they're good. I don't think I've ever had a green tomato at all!