November 15, 2008

code names

Whenever my hubby and I are talking about the pugs, Astro's ears perk up. He knows his name. And he can spell...several words. He's pretty smart. We have to be careful.
Muttley also knows his name, (it's actually uncanny just how quickly he knew it, we had him at the vets 3 days, no lie, THREE days after we got him, to have him looked over and get a round of shots, and the gal behind the counter said "hey Muttley", and his head spun around to see what she wanted.) ANYway, he mainly watches his brother to get the low down on what's being said, so he'll know to spaz out or not. Equally as smart as Astro, dontchathink?
SO. This can be quite tricky when we're talking about things like, did you boil that chicken for Muttley? (Even chicken is really a dangerous word 'cause Astro knows how to spell it)...or did you remember to buy their get the picture.
We've come up with the perfect solution....CODE NAMES.
And this picture perfectly represents the names we picked.
The one on the bottom is Astro, aka GROUND CONTROL.
And the one in the chair is Muttley, aka MAJOR TOM. (from the David Bowie song Space perfect, no?)
Yep, we ran a system check earlier this evening and we're set on go! Yippee!


Sharon said...

That is too funny!

Tricia said...

ok so what's my code name so I will know what you're saying about me? ROFL! Andrea - you need a vacation!


Cindy F. said... is so funny and so cute! I have the same problem with our Lhapsa....we talk in codes a lot! Love your code names. I told Mr. Right and he cracked up!