November 13, 2008

a winner, trust me

Thanks to all that entered my little giveaway for my Blogiversary! I used the Random Generator thing just about an hour ago (after almost forgetting!)...and have spent the hour since then trying to figure out how to save the screen shot of the list, and then the screen shot of the winner. But apparently I am way too old and stupid to figure out how to do it and that's one hour of stitching time I'll never get back so let's move on here and y'all just trust me when I say the thing RANDOMLY picked


as the winner!

(The runner up was ksmarylou)

So, CONGRATULATIONS Nicole, please email me (my blog name at hotmail) with your info and I'll get your prize mailed out right away! Surely it won't take me as long to do that as it did to unsuccessfully save screen shots. Geesh!

Thanks for playing along, wish I had more than one of these to give away!

(PS. Kelli asked if Pugs really do shed as badly as she's heard. YES. Especially fawns, they have a "double" coat and shed like crazy. The upside is that they are short hairs, so they're harder to form into those hairy "tumbleweeds" under the furniture, lol!
Oh COME ON, don't tell me we're the only ones that get those ;-) )


Cindy F. said...'re so funny:)
I understand! Some days the computer is NOT my friend either:)

Congrats to Nicole!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nicole! I know what you mean about the computer Andrea. ;)

Oh my goodness you wanna see "tumbleweeds"? You should see what a Cardigan Welsh Corgi can lose in just one day! Yikes!!!

Unknown said...

Andrea, Congratulations on your blogaversary! Your posts are just too funny. I have been reading past posts and enjoy them very much! Darn that little Muttley, he needs to get with the program! Your slideshow is hysterical when they come up... laugh out loud! E (PS We have to have posts about the word verifications. Are they trying to tell us something? Mine today says mandrop!)

Bine said...

Hi Andrea, you've been tagged. Please check my blog for details. :)

Andrea said...

LOL Elizabeth! I was thinking the same thing the other day when commenting on your blog, the word verification was actually quite funny! My hubby and his friends always put whatever the word was at the bottom of their comment...
so if you did it on your last comment, you would've written the word at the very bottom, under whatever your comment was, like this.

mandrop (lol)

(so now we can start doing this, right???? too fun!)
It's not asking me to verify a word now, or I'd put it here ;-)

Tricia said...

well rats ~ I didn't win ANYthing......oh i forgot to enter.