February 20, 2010

just nothin'

There are no stitchy photos for this post because lately I have issues and haven't stitched anything. Looking through old files on the laptop, I came across this one of the Astro Dazzle when he was just six months old. Aww!! That face! So kissable, dontchathink? :-)

So yeah, no stitching because....I'm a wreck!. And when you're a wreck, you find stitching unappealing. Trust me. I think this happens to me annually. Pretty sure. Anyway, on the Saturday before Valentine's Day (which was our 28th anniversary), my dental problems returned, and because I think my dentist is not very competent in what's going on inside my mouth, I keep putting off going back to him. The problem with this is that this dentist is on my "dental plan" and to change where I go for treatment is a huge ordeal and will take 45 days for the paperwork to get transferred, etc. Hubby wants me to just go to another dentist, outside of our "plan", pay whatever it costs to get it fixed right, but of course that would cost more than THE PLAN and let's just say I squeak when I walk, so it's pretty difficult for me to just pick up the phone and call another dentist. Yes, it's hurting, but paying more than you have to or should, well, that hurts more. Plus, we need the extra $$ for something else (see below). So there's that issue.

Another contributing factor to the "wreckedness" of me is that I threw my back out of whack on Monday and the misery over the dental problem paled in comparison to the unbearable back pain. My back is getting better, and long story short, we think a new mattress will definitely help so we're going to go this weekend and get one.We need a really good one, for people with lower back pain. Any suggestions?

Guess we'll see what shape our pocketbook is in after that... I will either go to a new dentist who will fix me up good, or back to the old one where I may or may not get fixed. And how about suggestions on how to tell a dentist that you think he's wrong about something? And have him listen? Because ticking off one's dentist before he goes digging around in their mouth with sharp instruments is probably not a smart move.

(And yeah, I probably shouldn't post when there's no stitching to show and all I do is whine, but thanks for listening anyway! Hopefully normal programming here can resume soon. If not, I'll just get some cheese and crackers and keep the whine all to myself)!

PS. Did anyone notice how much Tiger looks like his mother? And how his mother barely looked at him during his "press conference"? And does anyone really care about all of that anyway? Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I wish people would just keep things like this to themselves...we as a society shouldn't be all up in people's personal lives like we are. Let's hear it for keeping things behind closed doors and heck, even sweeping things under the rug or yes! skeletons in the closet! Keep them there, I loved those days.....


KarenV said...

I'm sorry you're having such a bad time with your teeth. Dental pain is a nightmare. Personally (and speaking as someone who is anxious about the dentist), I would find another one, whom I could trust to do the job properly (maybe a recommendation?) even though it might cost more initially. I think getting the problem sorted out and not having to deal with it any more would be worth it. Just my opinion :) Good luck and hope you get it sorted soon.

Lois said...

Sorry to hear of your dental woes. Dental pain is the worse (a recent abscess reminded me how bad it can be!)and with your back being out of whack too? Well, no wonder you haven't been feeling like doing much! If you've no confidence in this dentist maybe it is time to just go find someone else and get things sorted even if it costs a small fortune. You will feel lots better if your mouth isn't hurting. Hope you can get things sorted out soon.

Alice said...

That makes three people including myself with toothache and hesitating to have it sorted out lol. Now the mattress, there I can help you. NEVER take a HARD mattress for a back problem. You want a mattress that has its own individual springs each one in its own pocket that takes on the shape of your body when you lie down. When your partner moves you feel no movement thus not waking up because the whole bed moves. With this individual spring system your heaviest parts sink in and there where the springs come up again everything is supported. No hollow areas when you lie on the mattress. That is very important. You also want to be sure that your bed is warm in winter and cool in summer. We once bought a bed that turns into an iceblock in winter. You really don't want that!! When you lie on a bed, you must have the heaviest parts sink in and the mattress coming up on your lighter parts and supporting your body. Its unbeatable. I have a lot of back problems and pain due to RA so a good bed is vital.

Anonymous said...

Don't know the history of your teeth, but I'd like to mention that I was convince something was terribly wrong with my teeth, and went to my dentist who couldn't find anything wrong, but she had another patient complaining just like me. What we both had in common was Crest Toothpaste. They gave me Sensitive toothpaste to try, but I wanted something completely different, so I tried Arm and Hammer. All my toothache problems cleared up.
I told my story to a co-worker.
He said that he had noticed he couldn't taste salt anymore. He was also using different Crest product. He switched brands, and then he could taste salt again after just a couple of days away from Crest.
I know it sounds totally weird, but if you google crest toothpaste problems, there is a whole site with people having issues with Crest, and crazy problems.
It doesn't affect everybody, and the people that it does affect don't seem to have the same problems.
And it's had to believe that something as stupid as toothpaste can make your life miserable, but if you use Crest, change brands.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Andrea, you poor thing! First, you know that you can talk to us about anything - not just stitching, right? That picture of Astro is so cute! Love his little face!

I have a dentist that I absolutely LOVE. It took me a while to find him but a good one is worth his weight in gold (or worth the weight of fillings in my mouth!). Isn't there another one in your plan you could go to that, even if you had to drive a way, would be worth a try? I can't help you with anyone in Texas unfortunately - I only lived in Texarkana for 9 months and don't believe I went to the dentist then anyway. Oh brother, I digress. I hope you fiind someone soon - a painful mouth is not fun. But... add a bad back to that and oh my gosh - torture. I throw mine out every now and again and walk like a question mark for a couple of days. I wouldn't feel much like stitching either - you poor thing, I feel for you! Can't even recommend a mattress 'cause we need one too. I am absolutely no help... sorry!
I saw a brief part of the Tiger Woods thing. I am SO over him and yes, I thought it quite interesting that his mom looked so not happy and didn't look at him. His dad, apparently, did the same type of things to her. I felt sorry for her - I'm sure she was embarrassed.
I hope you feel better soon, Andrea.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Terri - is there another dentist in your plan that you could try out! Or ask your friends, neighbors and family members about who they go to?

What a cute picture of Astro Dazzle!

Take care!

Robin in Virginia

Anna van Schurman said...

We have a Tempurpedic mattress, and it is so worth the money. So.worth.it. I love to travel, but I hate leaving my bed behind because I know I will be creaky until I return. That first night back in the Tempurpedic is bliss.

I'm with you that I don't need Tiger to apologize, but the problem with keeping skeletons in the closet is that real people can end up hurt. Wives beaten by husbands...priests molesting children... But there has to be a happy medium that includes me knowing nothing about the sex lives of celebrities and people who want to think they are celebrities!

Good luck with your teeth.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Ack...sorry you're having dental and back issues. I'm hoping your dentist gets a clue soon and resolves your dental issues.
The only advice I have to give on the mattress is to 'test out' the mattresses in the shop.
I'm with you on the entire Tiger Woods ordeal... TMI and I really don't want to hear about his 'sex' issues.

Margaret said...

Oh I hope you get to feeling better soon! Such a bummer about your dental issues and your back both! I say your DH is right -- it's not worth all the pain to save some money. Although it does sound like you need the money for the mattress. Sigh. Good luck with it all. I do love that picture of your pup! Adorable!

Nancy said...

Feel better soon Andrea! A pain in the tooth makes you feel icky all over. Hope the problem gets resolved soon!

Don't you think the media just goes on and on too much about one thing? I think if they changed and talked about something good we would all feel better, don't you? As for Tiger I think he should definitely have to pay the price (line endorsements dropped), but I don't want to hear all the nitty gritty either. There are enough problems in the world without the media rubbing it in!

Karen said...

Hope you feel better soon...to me the worse pain is either dental or back so I sympathize with you that you have both! I hate dental pain so I think I would have to find a new dentist.

Agree...people cheat everyday and I really don't care what Tiger did or does. I will still have to get up and go to work and pay taxes so no benefit for me to know.

Melissa said...

Well, Andrea, this post has certainly got lots of interesting comments! I'm sorry to hear of your pains at the moment! I feel for you!

I agree with the people who say find a good dentist! In the long run it's worth it and you'll probably have less problems. I can't comment on which mattress though.

As to the Tiger news. I'm so over it. But I think it's the media that makes it news! Look how long they talked about Anna Nicole Smith's death, etc! While I agree with Anna that some things shouldn't be left in the closet, I wish the media would not drag out and create news stories!

Deb said...

I vote for finding a new dentist. I went along with one for years because he was gentle but definitely not agressive in treatment. Well, I'm paying the price of massive dental bills now (implants, crowns, gum surgery). We're talking thousands of $$ here. My dental plan only overs $1,000, so you can see this is a major problem. Find a new one now and save yourself a lot of misery.

Glad to hear that your back is feeling better now. It sounds like you've just had a bad time of it recently. It's got to go uphill from here, right?

And Tiger - well, I don't even listen to what is going on with him anymore. I think the whole things was disgusting.

Pam R. said...

Hope the dental issues resolve soon. I hadn't heard about the 'Crest' problem, but wow! A change in dentist ...there has to be another one on your plan?

Back problems are wicked. Try out the new mattress first...take a nap in the store showroom!

I join the not interested group about Tiger Woods. TMI & its their private problems. I'd toss the bum out & get on with my life.

Give the pups a hug from me.

Pam R.

BugnLVoe said...

I completely agree!!!
What business is it of ours if he likes to sleep around?
The only people that should be involved is his wife!
Men have been cheaters forever.
For all we know he could have been talked into getting married when he has always been a ladies man for his image by his parents or PR team.

Catherine said...

Wishing you luck on the dental issues - I'm not much of a fan of dentists myself.

Can't recommend a mattress as we need on too!

The one thing I find really funny about Tiger's situation is that one of the "ladies" is asking for an apology! I feel sorry for his wife and kids, but other than that, I don't really care what he does.

Nancy in WI said...

Geez, hope you get better soon! You can whine all you want because we care and we'll listen! I agree that we are into everybody's business too much. Hope you get to feeling better soon - I have "issues" going on right now too. Sometimes life is just the pits! Nancy in WI

Stitch By Stitch said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dental and back woes, no fun indeed! We bought a Tempurpedic last fall after going through several traditional matresses and it has been well worth the investment. I hope you find a better dentist. My husband has been dealing with the same issues for over a year, I feel your pain. Hang in there!

angelasweby said...

I'm so sorry it's been a miserable week for you. Toothache is no fun and, like a few others here, I speak from experience. I would try and put your anxieties aside for a while if you can and return to your dentist to see if he can give you some immediate relief whilst, in the meantime, starting the ball rolling to transfer dentists whilst remaining within your plan. 45 days is nothing really, just a month and a half and the paperwork will be through in no time. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Now as to back problems I agree with Alice's comments. We have a bed exactly like the one she describes and it sorted my back problems out a treat :>) It also means you don't disturb your partner at all whilst you are sleeping so you both get a good night's sleep.

I hope you begin to feel a bit more cheerful soon Andrea. I'm sure that as soon as the weather brightens up, your spirits will too and then you'll be more than ready to pick up your needle again.
Warm wishes Angela xx

valerie said...

So sorry to hear about the dental and back problems. If you don't trust your dentist, find another one. I had an old dentist who each time I came in, told me I had a cavity. I probably didn't have as many cavities as he said I did. He was just bleeding me out of money. New job, new place, new dentist...love him! If I wasn't with the boy, I'd have asked him out but alas...I have the boy and my dentist just got married. I totally trust my dentist now and not just cuz he's cute and nice.

For the bed...stay away from those super fluffy pillowtop things nad Sleep Number...that made my back achy. I would agree on the temperpedic. I have a Serta Seascape...it's firm with some give. It hasn't given me any problems. I tested out beds for many evenings before I picked one out. I thought it was so important. Good luck finding one you like.

Brigitte said...

Oh Andrea, poor you. Tooth pain is amongst the worst I have experienced so far. I must admit that a good dentist is really essential to me as I don't like goint at the dentist's. Maybe you can find one you can trust more.
And I hope your back will better soon. The difference when sleeping on the right mattress is just overwhelming. So I'd buy a new one and I think the one Alice mentioned is the one that is highly recommended.
I hope your problems will soon be sorted out.

Siobhán said...

Oh Andrea, big hugs. I can't help with the mattress suggestions, but it sounds like you have some good tips from other bloggers. On the dentist front, I say go to another dentist. Hopefully one in your plan, but if not--dental health affects so much more in your body. Get it sorted, gf. You don't want to take a chance with your help. I'm all for talking to the dentist and making sure what is right before I sit down, but sometimes that can backfire. I had a really bad abscess and went to an oral surgeon to have a root canal. An hour into it, the surgeon said the roots were being absorbed by my body (lovely) and the tooth had to be pulled. I told him I didn't like that original dentist bc he didn't give me a strong enough prescription for the abscess & my mouth swelled up like a balloon. I had to take meds "to cure sexually transmitted diseases and mouth bacteria". Lovely. Anyhoo, over here, once you go to one dentist for a procedure, you're stuck with him, so I had to go back to the original dentist. Meanwhile, the surgeon must have told dentist how I didn't like him. Then I questioned him as to how they would apply numbing agents before ripping out my tooth--this was on the advice of MIL. MIL probably told me to say that on purpose, so that he'd get mad, which he did. I think the comment was something like, "We're not total barbarians here in Ireland, you know". Then, "Sit here while I wrench the tooth from your head". Yeah. Not pretty. All that is to say... go with somebody that you're comfortable with. Hang in there, gf!!


Siobhán said...

Oh, and that should have read, "... don't take a chance with your HEALTH, not help". Ahem.

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary...hubby and I celebrated 27 years on the 19th....hope your mouth and back problems get better really soon....

BitsAndPieces said...

Andrea, just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and hoping dental and back issues are resolved soon. Hang in there!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh, Andrea. :( Either of those things would be bad enough alone, but put them together... no no no. I'm so sorry!! I can't really recommend a mattress (I've been begging fo a new one for almost 5 yrs - mine has killed my back ever since the last trimester of my pregnancy - wow, 5 yrs ago now!), but I will say this - Every person I've talked to that has one absolutely ADORES their Sleep Number mattress. People that have had chronic back pain for over 20 yrs can't say enough good things about it. When my begging finally works, that's what I'm going with. :)

I hope you get some relief on both fronts really really soon. Until then, post away your woes here in bloggy and and know we'll all be here to give you virtual love and hugs!

Re: Tiger - Ugh. Really? For one thing, I thought he already "apologized" when it initially came out?? For another - as far as I'm concerned he only needs to apologize to his wife and kids. The rest of the world has no business needing his apology. It really is none of our business.

Anyway, hugs and get better soon!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your tooth! My husband cracked a crown for the second time right before Christmas, and they couldn't fix it, so it had to be replaced with a $5000 implant. I about died!

texcinlulu said...

Sorry to hear of your dental woes. I hate dentists. I have not found a good one in the past few years either.
That alone is enough to make you crazy.Then with back problems on top of it. It's any wonder you can type at all.You poor thing.Hope you are feeling better real soon. A new mattress should help.
I agree about privacy. I don't want to know everything. In some cases ignorance is bliss.
Snuggle up to those adorable puppers. Puppy love can help you feel better too.

Michelle said...

Aww, that is no fun! I have a great dentist I could recommend if you need one! It might not hurt to at least have someone else take a look at your teeth. That shouldn't cost you too much out of pocket. Hope you are feeling better soon and can get back to what makes you happy!!

Betsy453 said...

I love my Dentist. I'm fine as long as he explains what he's planning to do. My tongue has been "sore" & I use Crest. Tomorrow I'm going to try another brand after reading some of the cooments.

Annemarie said...

I'm so late in commenting, but I hope you managed to find yourself a good dentist and a good mattress. Poor thing. Of course you can't stitch under those circumstances, but the picture of the hound more than makes up for lack of stitchy pics :o)

As for Tiger: I'm a glutton for celeb gossip. Can't help it, sorry...

Raven/Missy said...

I live with severe chronic pain due to issues with two discs in my lower back, a permanent compound fracture of the left SI joint, and loads of nerve damage. When DH and I bought a new bed we chose a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed as my doctors recommended it.

We absolutely love it! It has lowered the amount of pain I wake up with in the morning and I do sleep better.

I hope you are feeling better and find a good dentist.

Janean said...

another blogger *broke* her tailbone and said the only mattress she could sleep on was a sleep-number bed. i know nothing about them...but that's what she said.

i'm so sorry for your back and dental *wreckedness.* (gentle hug)

Nancy in WI said...

Hope you're feeling better! Nancy in WI