July 11, 2010

days late and pesky husbands

Had a couple of patriotic finishes to share with my faithful readers, way before a few days before the start of July, but life went a little haywire and messed with my blogging plans.

That's life!

Well, here's one from Little House Needleworks....

Liberty and Justice

and from Heart in Hand....

grand old flag

Anyway, hubby had an accident at work and long story short, he dislocated his shoulder and bruised a couple of ribs, but he's OK and will go back to work in another week or so, after being HOME for three (count them...t h r e e )weeks. I loves me some hubbies, but when they come into the bathroom to watch you pee, they have to go. There's only so much one can deal with. Seriously, I'm happy it wasn't much worse...in fact the doctor told him that most men his age (like he's 90 or something, ha, he's only in his early fifties) would have needed surgery, but hubby is healing nicely and for that I'm very thankful.

and Muttley is also very thankful for some quality Dad time

money lovin'

All of this happened during the big birthday week, so the birthdays were a little subdued this year, as he was in a lot of pain those days. I think we'll celebrate this next week by going to see Toy Story 3 and my plans are to put so much butter on my popcorn that I will just slide right out of my seat when it's all over! Yay!

Here's a picture of the birthday girls, lo, all those years ago....(22 to be exact). She was brand new and at 24, I pretty much was too, lol!

22 years ago....

weird look on my face, huh? Probably just tired. Babies are exhausting.

patriotic basket

Here are some random pictures of some patriotic things I have gathered from around the house...

patriotic stitching

please excuse dust and pug hairs as I'm just not a good housekeeper, let's be honest here. There are lots of framed patriotic pieces around too...someday I'll gather those up, knock off the dust and take pictures...bet y'all can hardly wait ;-)

patriotic stitching

**edited to add some designer info, to the best of my recollection :)**
(in the picture above, from upper left to right: the large flag with acorn wreath is from the Blackbird Designs Fine Collection book, and is called July Celebration; the America Fob (only bottom half shown) is from Shepherd's Bush; the May You Be Blessed ornament is from the Blue Ribbon Designs Patriotic Wishes Volume 1 leaflet, it was a gift from a friend; the tall skinny flag with America under it was a kit from Twisted Threads; the lady holding the flag, dated 2003 in big letters is called Liberty House & is from Ewe & Eye & Friends; the little pudgie guy holding a flag is called Glory Fob from Shepherd's Bush as is the Oh Say sheep and the little mattress pincushion in front of it, from a kit called Tiny Flag ; Pray for Peace is from Birds of a Feather. Hope this helps! Any questions, just shoot me an email!)

Hope everyone had a happy 4th and are heading into summer by having fun and staying cool in this heat. It's just unbearably hot all over the country...our first electric bill for the summer was double what it was this time last year! I'm not complaining, a/c is a Godsend, whatever the cost...don't you think?


(me, circa 1966)


Cindy's Stitching said...

your post is funny. Adore all of the 4th of July pieces. Ahhhh look at the baby picture, cutie patootie

Margaret said...

I love all your patriotic stitching! Beautiful! What are the 2 designs that are right underneath your "random patriotic things" words? I love them!

Such a bummer about your DH -- but thank goodness it wasn't any worse! Sorry about the birthdays -- celebrating later is a good idea for sure. Happy belated birthday to the birthday people!

Andrea said...

Margaret, I think you're referring to the flag design that is in the back? That's "July's Celebration" from the Blackbird Designs "Fine Collection" book. And the little ornament near it with the lady holding the flag is from Ewe & Ewe & Friends. I will try to edit this post later and add more info...
hope this helps for now.

MyLifesAStitch said...

O.M.G!!! That pic of you is so stinking cute!!!!

Too funny re: your DH and the lack of bathroom etiquette, lol!! Really! Some things are private no matter how long you've been together, lol!

Sorry he was injured, and am really glad it wasn't more serious!! Glad he's on the mend!

Love all those patriotic pieces!! Seriously... drooling over here!

Have a great week, and stay cool! I'm dreading our next electric bill... it was over 100 here several days last week. Ugh! Thank God we didn't lose power, though!

connie said...

So sorry to hear about your husband..I love all your patriotic stitching..It has been so hot here too and with the high humidity I have been staying in a lot..Can't wait to see pictures of your framed pieces..

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's work related accident. I hope he continues to heal and gets back to work before you lose your sanity. :-) lol
Love all your patriotic pieces.

Katrina said...

I am so glad your DH is on the mend and wasn't more seriously hurt!!! Puppy time is always good ;-).

Love the pictures of you and all the patriotic pieces. Gorgeous.

Donna said...

Love all the patriotic stitching! I am still laughing over your husband coming in the bathroom with you. Mine does that sometimes and I guess since I leave the bathroom door open he considers it an invite. Really I am just claustrophobic. LOL.
Hope you enjoy the movie and when you slide from your seat you don't injure anything!

Karen said...

OMG...things can get testy if hubby and I spend the entire 2 day weekend together...I couldn't imagine! Glad your DH wasn't seriously injured.

Your patriotic goodies are so pretty and I so want so many of them! Very pretty!

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Love all your stitching ~ especially the blackbird design piece in back!

Sorry to hear about your DH ~ I totally understand your pain. My DH broke his ankle four years ago at work, had to have surgery, and was at home for six stinking months!!! We were really about to kill each other towards the end! Glad your DH will be back at work soon!!

valerie said...

Great patriotic stitching...you have quite a collection started now!

Glad to hear your DH is on the mend! Whew!

Love the circa 1966 photo of you...just too cute and love those sunglasses! Sorry the birthdays didn't work out as planned! I want to see Toy Story 3 too!

Faye said...

ok you have me snickering about the hubbie watching you pee;;;
why do they do that:???
BTW, Can you please advise (in the last partriotic photo) whose design is the one dated in large 2003 and then the more narrow one to the right of it with the tall flag and America under the flag??? I NEED to do both of these...lol..... Thanks so much and love love love your blog!!! Faye

Lainey said...

Beautiful finishes!
Glad your hubbys accident wasn;t too serious, I can really sympathise with you I nearly had a divorce last year when mine was at home for six months..lol.
Great photos and enjoy your belated Birthday plans.

Lois said...

What great patriotic finishes! Glad your DH is on the mend. That sounds very painful. I know when DH is around the house for any length it takes us a while to adjust to being in each other's company 24/7!!!

Love the baby pic and the one of you in 1966 is just too cute!

KarenV said...

All your patriotic finishes look wonderful Andrea! Sorry to hear about your husband's accident but glad that it wasn't more serious and that he's now on the mend :)

You were such a cute baby! Love the big sunglasses ;)

BTW, if Blogger is frustrating the heck out of you, why not check out Wordpress? It's free and a *lot* more reliable that Blogger in my experience (and yes, I have used both platforms). The only downside is that you can't use all the cute templates that you can on Blogger, but they have been adding a few good themes recently. Just something to consider (my way of saying, don't give up blogging, I enjoy reading your blog LOL!)

Siobhán said...

I'm so glad your DH is on the mend!! I know what you mean--you love them dearly, but too much togetherness is just too much! DH knows I hate it when he works locally, because he stops in for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, more coffee breaks... and the whole time leaves a mess behind him, after wanting me to sit and talk with him. LOL

I love love love the patriotic finishes! YGG! I always intend to do some and never get any finished. I still think of your E&E&F finish with the lady holding the flag. I think that was when I began stalking you in earnest. ;)

Deb said...

Okay, blogger is being stupid and just took off with what I was writing.

I'm so glad to hear that your DH is on the mend - I don't know who to feel more sorry for - him or you having him around. I can't totally relate to the bathroom thing too - seems that I rarely get a moment to myself with out him needing to ask a question. Like he can't a minute? LOL

Love all your patriotic finishes - especially the lady with the flag. I have to look for that one. Can you tell me the name of it? I need to go on search!

Valerie said...

I love your patriotic pieces! They are gorgeous! My new obsession is patriotic stash and I would love to know who the designers are for your pieces. I also look forward to the pictures of your other framed patriotic pieces. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love all those patriotic finishes!! I might have to steal them all from you. :) I like your photos too. So fun! I was 24 when I had my second baby, and I look way too young in those pictures!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Andrea, Did I miss your birthday? Are you and your DD celebrating one at about the same time? Am I lame, or what? If I missed it, which it certainly appears I did, Happy Belated Birthday, GF! I love you to pieces and hope your celebration is a good one.

Sorry about your DH - I hope he mends quickly and is back to work soon - tell him to quit stalking you in the bathroom!

Love the picture of you sitting on the dock! How CUTE are you??? And the pic of you holding your DD - priceless. I had a few pics looking kind of stunned, myself.

Finally - OMG, I'm so jealous of all your Patriotic finishes. They're all wonderful - not sure which one I like the best but I love the mattress finish (which I recognize) and it looks to me like a bunch of them were stitched over one! YGG!

Loraine said...

Andrea! Happy birthday to you! You are certainly deserving.
I hope you husband heals soon. So scary!
Love your patriotic samplers. The finishing is just darling. I need to get some of my patriotic stuff finished. I hate how it sits in the drawer until the next holiday.
Hope you have a great day!
Hugs to you.

Marjorie said...

Sorry to hear of your husband's accident...sorrier to hear of the 3weeks of togetherness : ) Husbands are OK but should be taken in moderation. Love your patriotic stitching.

Rachel S-H said...

Your finishes look great! Very patriotic!

BugnLVoe said...

I completely agree! There is nothing like air conditioning. I just got my power & gas bill & it was only a little over $100 but I bet next months will be HUGE!

Alice said...

LOVE all your patriotic finishes. They all look so pretty together and I did not spot one pug hair. I had such a giggle about the private time thing, I had to read it to my own DH that he knows the limits lol. So glad your husband made a good recovery. I know you were pretty freaked out and freaked us all (OK ME!) out on Facebook. You look very serene holding your baby...like Mona Lisa. I do love the photo of you back in 1966. I have no photos of myself before the age of six. Will tell you one day.

Joy said...

Love all your patriotic stitching. Hope your husband is out of your bathroom (LOL) and you are staying cool!

Don't give up on blogger...I'd miss you!

Sherry :o) said...

I love the sunglasses! Beautiful bathing babe. Your patriotic stitching is awesome - and I didn't see any dust or pug hairs (which, by the way, your pugs are adorable). Hope you hubby mends quickly - mine was off about two months earlier this year and even though I go to work all week, he still was kind of annoying and annoyed...but glad when he went back, that's for sure.

Sharon said...

Loving all your patriotic pieces! Your baby picture is adorable!