September 25, 2007

ok, pictures!

Alright then, if it's embarrassing, so be it, just please be kind and don't tell me how awful it all looks, ha!

Here's over the entertainment cabinet. The big Mary E. print in the center will eventually be replaced with some BAP stitching projects, once they're done and framed.

(click on images to see larger)

And all of the crappy paneling, over the not so centered fireplace:

A small grouping over a shelf that a friends husband made for us years ago, this sits to the left of the kitchen entrance:

The whole thing, which shows some small seasonal things that I move around (and evidence of my crappy love seat which needs replacing after a kitty got hold of it with his claws):

To the right of the kitchen entrance, another small grouping:

That's all for now. I am getting some shelf things with pegs underneath them to put in the bedroom, my plan is to display some stitching smalls on them, mostly some of the out of season ones because it's really a shame to only get to see them for a few weeks out of the year.


Nancy said...

Wow Andrea! Your stitching is just amazing! It's all so beautiful, and you have accomplished so much. I know I'll have to look at your photos again to take it all in. And, guess what? I didn't even notice the crappy paneling!

Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great! It's so cool to see pieces all together that I've seen one by one as you've posted finishes.

Anonymous said...

What panelling???...too busy admiring your beautiful work, Andrea!


Sharon said...

Looks fabulous!

Sherry said...

I love all the designs. I've seen many of them before. But it is so nice to see them all displayed together. I love that you have so many. I'm working on doing something like this myself. In the past I've always given everything away. So I'm working on making some things to keep for my family. It makes me feel a little selfish but I started with stitching and framing a small monthly design starting this past July and I really think looking at each month's framed piece has inspired me to stitch more. I really love your Blessings Abound. I don't think I've seen it before. Do you happen to remember who it's by?

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, and WOW! Who would ever notice the walls themselves when there's all that fabulous stitching to see instead?? Not me! Your groupings are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

BugnLVoe said...

Super cute! Great Pictures!!!!
Quit being a Negative Nelly... I thought your rooms looked great! :-)
And I love that you have your fall decorations out already. I have yet to begin that.
Did you see last years Longaberger Halloween stuff in the homestead factory store for sale? I got the small treats basket, placemats and 2 spidey tie ons. So cute!

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Anonymous said...

you're a nut! i loved seeing all your finishes framed and hanging!
crappy paneling? not so centered fireplace? who noticed with all the pretty designs hanging on the wall!

oh. i loved the ME print over the entertainment! wouldn't that be somehing in xs?! it is a print, right?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the photos.... I didn't see them the 1st go round.

Your stitching is marvelous... we have very similiar tastes in designs and frames.

Look girlfriend... stitchers don't even see the background... we just zoom right in on all that beautiful needlework.

Thanks for sharing and please keep those photos coming.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is beautiful and I love your groupings. Great job


Melissa said...

Andrea-just shorted out the keyboard on the laptop because I can't stop drooling over all your stitching! What paneling? It's all gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. You have made me want to pull out several WIP, like With my Needle and get back to work on it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful groupings, Andrea! I love checking out your Blog for inspiration. --TraceyIL

Pam said...

Andrea, all I can say is WOW! You are such an incredible (and prolific!) artist. The stitchery is gorgeous and I love all the arrangements. As for the paneling...have you thought of painting over it?

Michelle said...

What fun to see all your fabulous photos - they're great!!