September 16, 2007

wips and wings

Pardon the wrinkles in the following picture, but it's Sunday, which is my lazy day, which means I ain't dragging out the iron. No way. No how.

It's one of my current "works in progress", The Mermaid, an older Carriage House Samplings design, back when she was designing under the name Barrick Samplers.

It's got a lot of filling in that needs to be done on it, good mindless (don't have to count) stitching.

Just a side note...I saw this same chart recently on ebay and it sold for about $35
That's a lot, don't you think?

Even though it's "Lazy Sunday", we did do a little cooking. Not too much because we had a sandwich while we were out having retail therapy this afternoon. We made Ree's wings, along with some baked beans. We liked them, a LOT. My youngest proclaimed them the best wings she'd ever had. So I'd say they're pretty darn tasty then, we'll make them again. Very simple, easy to make.

Ree always makes it easy, doesn't she? Love the Ree, she should write a book. A cookbook!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my silly blog. We appreciated hearing your thoughts on whether or not to neuter Astro. We're putting it off for now and just seeing how things go. He is an indoor pup and doesn't roam around outside without supervision, so he's not likely to father any babies without us knowing about it, lol.
Anyway, thanks again. Your nice comments and compliments are very heartwarming :)


Anonymous said...

Love the WIP! I stitched that but left off the name & it looks kind of bare. I might go back and add it, I don't know. The wings look good!!

I was wondering what you decided to do about Astro's twig & berries. I believe that a person can be a responsible pet owner and not neuter if the pet doesn't roam. You could always hire Astro out for stud! :D We've been asked about Duff, but I'm not sure I want to pimp him out just yet. LOL

Nancy said...

I love this Mermaid sampler! I have it, along with all the other Carriage House/Barrick mermaids, to stitch. Some day soon!

Oh those wings look delicious. We love wings with football on Sundays! Thanks for the link to the recipe.

Nicole said...

Your WIP looks great! I love it! I almost made those wings yesterday! Now I'm definitely going to have to - maybe next weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say HI and see if your stat really tells you where I am?! heeheehee.... Your stitching is beautiful ~ you are always my inspiration to get OFF the computer and just stitch!!!

Anonymous said...

and another thing ~~ DH wishes I would cook like you do! But then what the heck do I need to do that for when he is such a fine cook himself? Kinda silly to have 2 in the kitchen at the same time, right? {{hugs}}

BugnLVoe said...

Yummy! I adore hot wings. :-)

Anonymous said...

love your WIP! i hate fill in work...even if it is mindless...can't wait to see it all filled in! :)

your wings look as good as ree's do! are you all following the harlaquin romance she has going? how she can keep us in suspense? LOL!!

jane said...

Beautiful mermaid sampler. I lvoe fill-in too - especially when I am stitching with others!
The wings look delicious - who is Ree?

Michelle said...

Your mermaid is beautiful! I've never seen this one before.