April 01, 2010

April sneaks in and brings us a winner!

Gosh, time sure does fly! Hard to believe it's April already! And I realized this morning that yesterday was actually Wednesday and the day I was supposed to have the drawing for the Noah chart!! Well, I declare! I have to admit, I was just too busy all day with a girlfriend, shopping and having lunch and then making dinner and playing with my stash....the drawing completely slipped my mind!
But better late than never though, so I entered the names into the Random Generator this afternoon and Cari in VA is the winner!
Congratulations Cari, I hope you will enjoy stitching this wonderful design...it was one of my very favorite stitches! I love all things Noah :-) Anyway, please email me your mailing address and I will get it off to you!

Thanks to everyone that entered for the drawing, and those that didn't but left sweet comments anyway. It's always fun to hear from y'all, and I really appreciate you taking time to let me know you were here!

So anyway, Happy April!

Here's an oldie from Ewe & Eye & Friends I stitched a while back and actually finished into the little stand up myself. He is not perfect, but I think he's cute!
Have been working on my Village and didn't get pictures this week because of having too much fun!

Meanwhile, Astro is feeling pretty good lately, he's over the broken nail incident

although, he's not over the baby food and still wants to have some twice a day, pill or no pill! Pugs have good memories, I'm just sayin'!

Well, I'd better be off, lots to do to get ready for Easter Sunday coming up. That one sure did sneak up on me!

Take good care Peeps!


KarenV said...

That's a cute egg! Glad Astro is OK now :) Happy Easter!

BugnLVoe said...

~ Happy Easter Andrea ~


Nancy said...

I love your egg stitch, and I love Astro's sweet face!

Have a very Happy Easter!

Amy said...

Have a very blessed Easter Weekend.

Give Astro a big hug and a kiss from me. He is so cute.

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Cari! I love that Easter standup -- so cute! I love the finishing on it! I had to laugh at Astro and his baby food. He knows what's good! lol! Have a great Easter!

Karen said...

Your finish is so cute! Love the design with that big bow. Happy Easter...

Laurie in Iowa said...

Happy Easter Andrea. I'm glad Astro is feeling better...hmmm... Corgis have excellent memories too! lol :-)

Anonymous said...

Our shih tzu won't touch a morsel unless I've mixed it with Gerber baby oatmeal with bananas! Delicate genius, no? Ha! I'm glad Astro is feeling better! Happy Easter. :)

Stitch By Stitch said...

What a cute standup! Love the way yuo finished it! I know a couple of dachshund girls that have pretty good memories as well! Happy Easter to you!

Jan said...

I love that Chickie Egg, Andrea, it is perfection, in my opinion, may it ever be so humble!!

Also love your puggie, give him a hug from me!

Unknown said...

Hooray! Thanks so much Andrea for sharing your good fortunate with us. I am thrilled to receive this chart!

I am so glad to hear that Astro is feeling better - ha, I can imagine that he does love that baby food. What a great picture of him.

I just love your Easter piece - it is too cute! The yellow fabric is great.

Have a blessed Easter, Andrea.

Sandra said...

Well done to Cari for winning the stocking. Happy Easter to you too, hope it's a bit warmer than it is here in the UK.

Le Canard Qui Brode said...

Congratulatioins, it's beautiful !!!!

Siobhán said...

ROFLOL at Astro--those pups sure do have long memories, don't they?!

That E&E&F design is too cute, and your finishing is fab! YGG!!

Yeay Cari on winning the chart! :)

I hope you and yours have a blessed Easter!

Alice said...

Happy Easter Andrea. Congrats to the winner! I would like to think that dogs, like husbands, have selective memory. : )) That egg on its thin legs is really cute. I think your finish is just perfect.
Kick off your shoes girl, its Good Friday.

MyLifesAStitch said...

LOLOL!! That pic of Astro is just fantastic!! Too cute re: the baby food. :) And here we thought it was elephants that were supposed to have the long memories!

Your Easter egg/ chick is adorable! Great finishing!!

Michelle said...

Happy Easter! Congrats to Cari, and I love your Easter chick!! Too cute!

Melanie said...

OMG sooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!

Catherine said...

Congrats to Cari!!

Love your Easter finish!

So glad your pup is feeling better - too funny about the baby food!

Katrina said...

LOL, Astro is a hoot! Give him his baby food ;-).

Congrats to Cari on winning.

Natasha said...

Congrats to Cari :)

Your easter stitching is a cute design, love it. But even cuter is Astro, glad he is feeling better.
Take Care

Lois said...

Congrats to Cari! That is such a cute EE&F design. Glad Astro is feeling better.

Kellie said...

I love that Easter stand up. So cute!!! Would you share the name of the design? I have looked at Ewe and Eye and Friends charts, but haven't been able to find that specific one.