January 05, 2008

corrected snowman

After posting my Winter Holiday finish the other day, I realized that I'd done the lower right hand birdhouse wrong and left out a stitch on one of the birds.

So here's the corrected version :)

I think in the future, I need to slow down and check the chart more often. Sometimes I get to goin' on something and don't pay attention.

Hope you're having a good weekend! It's in the 70's here today, no snow in sight ;)


Sharon said...

Such a cute piece Andrea, I would have never noticed!

Nancy said...

I thought the uncorrected (which I didn't even notice) version was gorgeous, and so is this one! You have really done this design justice Andrea, with your amazing stitching! And, I love those snowflakes on the snowman's body! Very nice work.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness you fixed that! The missing stitch was really throwing off the balance... ROFL!

I just love your finish, Andrea :)

Sue said...

I never noticed the mistakes on the original post of the Snowman piece. Looks great again ;)

Kristen said...

Oh, it is just wonderful. I am soon to be working on a new stitching project and I only hope that I will be able to create mine with half the beautiful stitching you have created.

Pam said...

Andrea, I STILL think it is beautiful...didn't even notice that the bird was missing an eye!

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Andrea, That is beautiful! Your stitches are all perfect!

I'm dieting and not even going to look at your post below... again... ever.... one last glance.... but I did have to say, I added that cookbook to my wish list at PaperbackSwap and when I gain my weight back I'm blaming you. ;)

Did you see the giant cupcake cake pan coming out in the new Gooseberry Patch catalogue? I don't know if this will link, but you are going to need one!! :)


Ros said...

I'm very impressed at your commitment to following charts! I tend to feel that charts should be read as 'Suggested Guidelines' so that if I miss a few stitches or count wrong here and there, I haven't gone 'wrong'. I certainly don't unpick unless the whole design is affected.