January 03, 2008

what's a girl to do?

I know it's the New Year and we're all supposed to be on our diets and being "good" and all that.

But I have this problem.

It's this new cookbook:

Filled with all kinds of gorgeous pictures of sweets

I had to wipe drool off of the pages

it's one of the prettiest cookbooks I've ever seen

And I just happened to have all of the ingredients for this recipe, which would expire in a few days, so I just HAD to use them up you see....

and this was the result, little pots of yummies that turned out perfectly delicious!

It wasn't so bad, since it made six little cups, one for each of us and a spare.
(But I did have to eat the spare this afternoon. Quality control and all that).

And here's my current WIP:

It's Lo, How a Rose Sampler by BrightNeedle. I'm still having issues with the colors, but plugging along since I am too far into it to change it now.


Anonymous said...

Quality control?! Too funny!! "Lo, How a Rose" is looking quite nice, and you've made good progress on it! Step back and take a look at it from the same distance that you'd see it hanging on your wall. Do you like the colors better from a distance? (They look fine in the picture.)

Sharon said...

That cookbook could definitely kill a diet-lol. Your wip is lovely!

Sandra said...

I'm afraid I'm on a diet after the Christmas excesses otherwise I'd be printing out that recipe - I adore chocolate nas those pots look yummy. I agree with the first comment, the colours in your sampler look fine from here.

Nancy said...

Yummy Andrea! I had to wipe drool off the monitor screen! What a beautiful cookbook, and I admire you for having such good quality control!

Your Lo How A Rose is looking pretty, and I think the colors are very nice.

Anonymous said...

That cookbook looks good enough to eat!

Lo How a Rose looks fine to me. I like the colors.

What aren't you liking about the colors???

BugnLVoe said...

Oh yummy Andrea! :-)

Life is short and I say enjoy and make wonderful "goodies."

Love the new sampler. ♥


Michelle said...

Mmm - those look yummy. No wonder you had to dive into that cookbook - it is beautiful! Love your Lo How a Rose - so pretty. Yes, I'd love to meet at Aidaworks sometime - drop me an email - artbuff at hotmail dot com.

Andrea said...

I wasn't too fond of the darkness in the thread used to do the lettering. But now that I took Carol's advise to back up off of it and look at it like that, I like it a lot!

I'm so grateful for the feedback I get from this blog, thank you (all) so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're happy with your color choice.

Kristen said...

I am so glad that I happened upon your blog! What a beautiful project you are working on! Wonderful!

Steph said...

I have this in on my Amazon wishlist...now that I've seen the inside and your results, I'll have to get it!! Great wip. Love your blog & pics.

Lallee said...

Oh my gosh! I think I just gained 5 pounds from just looking at those pictures. What a gorgeous cookbook!

Thank you for sharing your blog link so I could come visit! You have a VERY nice site.

Lallee (leather couch)

Anonymous said...

If you give me the recipe for those cinnamon rolls on your FLICKR account I will tell you how to do the "LETTERS" I have on my blog. Deal ? Shake hands...

:) Bren


Rachel V said...

Hi Andrea, I started "Lo.." in November using all the recommended colors on sort of a medium brown fabric and I was sooooooooo disappointed in the colors. It looked nothing like the picture in the book. I only did a small portion and put it aside wondering if I should just press on or completely start over. Yours is looking nice, though - very different from mine. Are you using the recommended WDW?