January 31, 2008

must love pugs

Since I really don't have any stitching to show, I wanted to share this video from YouTube, of a little girl and her Pug. The music is one of my favorite songs, I cry just about every time I hear it, and this video was no exception. It's absolutely adorable, please take a few minutes to watch it and read the great quotes they included.

And Astro

posted a funny Pug video
on his blog, you should watch that one too :)

Back soon with stitching updates....


Anonymous said...

Ahh... thank you for posting this sweet pug video. Both the pug and the little girl are adorable. But, that song... it makes me cry too!

Oh to be young again, to have hopes and dreams.

Pam said...

Too cute! That is the song that Katie used for the father-daughter dance at the wedding...so it definitely makes me cry!

BugnLVoe said...

A very, very, very cute video.

Emotional - to say the least!


Hi! I'm Michelle said...

That was just darling! Makes me want a pug and a preschooler!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing this Andrea. Animals are such an important and happy part of the world, aren't they?

Adorable photo of Astro! I feel about our kitties like you do about Astro.

From the Attic said...

That is so cute. Thanks for sharing. Being a lover of Labrador Retrievers, I have a similar YOU TUBE video saved to my favourites of a Little Boy with his Labrador. It just melts my heart it is so sweet:)