December 08, 2006

must. keep. stitching.

The power went out last night. It was kinda nice at first, after the initial shock of it all, because we had about 20 candles going (we do have a thing for the Yankee Candle store and that was proof...DH opens linen closet where candles not in use are stashed and said "What you need here are a few more candles". He's got NO room to talk since he bought half of them himself....ANYway)....grown children emerged from their rooms waving PS handheld and cell phones, iPods too, showing that they too, can contribute to the lighting situation. However. It was not enough light to stitch by! Dang. My good stitching days are limited and yesterday was one of them, does Garland Power & Light not realize how huge my stash is and how much stitching I must accomplish before time runs out??!!! It was horribly cruel. And a wee bit funny to be honest...DH goes into hall bathroom, shuts the door and flips the light switch. power! Um, yeah, no popcorn either(microwave), no hot chocolate (stove top), but we did listen to music on my laptop (battery powered) and laugh when, after the power flickered on and off for about the third time, DH joked that the Rapture had happened and we got left behind...funny but then we did check outside to see if the end of the world was at hand!

My recent finish, as seen above, was finished earlier in the week. It's a Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers called Garland Fair. Love what it says, wish it for my family.


Deb said...

I feel for you, hopefully it wasn't out long!

Beautiful sampler. :)

Michelle said...

Garland Fair is beautiful! Congrats on the finish. And Strawberry Blonde looks beautiful all framed. You are making me hungry with all these beautiful pics of yummies!