December 17, 2006

santa baby

.....please send help!

This is one holiday season that I really have good excuses as to why things aren't getting done.

Excuse #1

And #2

(check out those paws!)


All day it's all about Astro! He's a lot of work and after having three real people babies, I'd venture to say, about as much trouble!
When son and DH come home from work, if Astro is finally asleep in his kennel, I'm all SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, HE'S ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For goodness sake, he's finally sleeping!! He wakes up, goes outstide, eats, plays, go out again, eats and drinks some more, plays and then poops out for 30 minutes until we wakes up again and we repeat the cycle. Thankfully, he does sleep through most of the night, so at least we get some sleep.
It's all good...we love the Astro Dazzle.

Guess I should mention excuse # 4, which is a job that provides a paycheck for my time, so there goes the evenings!

Anyway, hopefully this coming week Santa will loan me an elf so that I might get my packages mailed, candies made, baking done, finish decorating, have lunch and shopping days with two different friends and maybe, just possibly, get a stitch or two in, which certainly didn't happen this week.

Nice things came in the mail this week. From the finisher, some of my stitching that she finished into ornaments for me:

Ewe & Eye & Friends Frosty Scissors Companion

Homespun Elegance Rejoice in Peace ornament

Birds of a Feather Bird and Wreath

Ewe & Eye & Friends Red House (? Not sure about that, a friend stitched this for me so I don't recall the name of the design).

Well, I hope you all are having yourself a Merry Little Christmas and enjoying the season. It's OK if everything doesn't get done. Hug a family member or a friend and take a picture of them or something in your house, or of the mass of people in the mall. It's funny what we get caught up in that's just not important or what it's all about.

Eat a cookie. They're good for you, especially a gingerbread cookie...did you know that Pillsbury makes rolls of gingerbread cookie dough? Can't ask for anything easier than that!

Coming up in the next day or so, my recipe for sugared pecans. Go out and buy at least a pound (or two), some eggs...make sure you have cinnamon, sugar and vanilla on hand and I'll tell ya how in the next post!


Melissa said...

Ok, the stitching is really pretty, but do you think leading the post with that cute face anyone will notice the stitching? That Astro is too darn cute. He's adorable. BTW, I don't know if I told you or not, I made your broccoli cornbread, YUMMY. Can't wait to try your sugared pecans.

Samplerwench said...

Excuse #1 did me in..I completely understand why you can't get anything done..heck you can't keep your hands off that little sweetheart Astro..He is adorable..