December 12, 2006

we are tired

This puppy business is exhausting.

need. more. sleep.

#1 son with Astro

Kiss this face.

Love this pup.

Astro came home Saturday and it's been JUST like having a brand new baby at home. I am utterly exhausted. But what a great doggie, so worth it. And I will share more when I have more time. There are presents to wrap, more shopping to do, more cracker candy and sugared pecans to make, baking, candy making, leaves to rake or sweep up, floors to be cleaned, laundry, oh and a real job, the peeps, pups and bunny rabbits and OHMY....better get crackin!


Samplerwench said...

What a cute puppy..That is the best christmas present..Love the pictures..

Melissa said...

Andrea-that is one cute chubby little puppy there. Oh I made your Broccoli cornbread the other night. It was great! Cracker candy is that the saltines covered in toffee? If so I made that last year for the first time and loved it.

Deborah said...

OMG Andrea, he is just tooooooo adorable, love that plump belly and sweet, sweet face!