January 17, 2007

another garden

Those Blackbird Designs ladies sure keep me busy! Here's my latest finish of theirs, called Garden of Life:

I stitched it on the recommended 30 ct. Alabaster linen with Gentle Art Sampler threads. It was a pleasure to stitch and I almost hated for it to end, but then there are all of those other Loose Feathers waiting to be stitched. Have you seen their newest one, called Bluebirds Message?

(Sorry for the cruddy image, not sure why it's showing up so poorly!)
This one just about sent me over the edge, what with my love of bluebirds, combined with my love of Blackbird Designs! Picked it up at the LNS yesterday, in between two days of inclement weather, whew, just in time, lol!

Barb, one of the designers of BBD, is going to be at my local quilt shop this coming Sat. morning, I am so excited! We have met once before when she came into the stitch shop I worked at, before it closed. The owner introduced me to her as "her biggest fan" and then showed her all of the Loose Feathers I'd stitched for the shop. Barb was so nice, she's very sweet and gracious...especially to someone who was practically salivating over her presence in our little shop. I'm usually not the "groupie" type when it comes to designers, but when you stitch so many of someone's designs, you do start thinking very highly of them, lol! And after meeting her, that just cinched it all for me.

If you've ever met a designer, as I have, several years ago, that was ummmm, a bit "frosty" and not very pleasant in person...it does affect how you view the designs they put out...because you know the personality that's behind those designs and it's just a complete turnoff. If it had been just a small encounter it may have been easy to just blow off and chalk up to them having a bad day, as we all have sometimes. But then when you work in the stitching business and experience it over and over and hear it from more than oh, say 10 people, well, that pretty much cinches it too.

All that to say...I will always purchase and stitch Blackbird Designs, not only because the designs are so beautiful, but because there are such nice people behind those designs and that makes stitching them all the more meaningful to me.


Deborah said...

Andrea, I'm so glad to see you updating regularly!

Rachel V said...

Ok I am going to leave you a comment on this old post. I'm tempted to comment on a lot of your posts, but won't, so you don't think that I am a crazy stalker person. :)

I know just what you mean, and I love BBD, too. I just recently started getting the Loose Feathers again. I belong to the Little House Needleworks group, where Diane Williams participates, and she is such a classy, kind lady in real life that it makes me love her designs even more.