January 20, 2007

a blackbird day

Here's my friend Sheri, on the right, with her BBD quilt top she's working on. That's Barb from Blackbird Designs on the left, holding up the quilt (and her friend that was taking pictures :))

When Barb started talking about her sampler fabric line from Moda and made reference to doing some quilts with the larger panel centered, I made sure it was OK with Sheri first (she's very quiet and not one to pipe up to show off her stuff) and then I just had to speak up and say that my friend, sitting right beside me had hers with her! So the pictures here are of that :) If you click on them, you can see a larger size of the picture.

It was hard to get a good picture since this was in a cramped classroom that is in the basement of a very old building and the lighting wasn't that great. I bet when they have actual quilting classes down there they must have a lot of Ott Lights set up so people can see.

Anyway, here's a quilt Barb made where she took some of the color out of the background fabric and was showing us the difference (she's holding a fat quarter of the same fabric, in it's original state).

It was so beautiful...I am kinda scared of doing applique quilting, but Sheri says I can do it. She helped me with my first patchwork quilt and if it wasn't for her, I'd still be afraid of a sewing machine.

I hope she makes it....long enough for us to quilt into our old age....she's got a lot to teach me.

Birds of a Feather flock together.....and

must. stay. together.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had been there with you and Sheri! It must have been such fun being with the BBD lady!! Sheri's quilt is gorgeous!! Yes, you must try applique, Andrea. I'm sure you would make beautiful things...just like you do in cross stitch!