January 14, 2007

my secret garden

Here are some pictures of one of my recent finishes, from Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers series called "My Secret Garden". (The stitching on all of it was done by me, the mounting, painting of the boxes and the strawberry finish was all done by Tammy, and she is for hire, if you'd like her contact info, please let me know!)

The inside is painted and has a fabric lining along the bottom and sides.

The tops of two of the small boxes are decoupaged with images of the stitched sampler.

I am really loving the strawberry too, it's weighted with sand and sits very nicely :)

Pictured in the background is some of my BBD sampler fabric. I'd be embarassed to admit to you just how much of it I have stashed and I don't even sew, lol! However, (and thankfully) I am lucky enough to have friends that do sew!

Thanks for looking. Too many pictures? I am very picture happy, true!


Deborah said...

Way to go Andrea! All the pieces look great, I'm so impressed you have these finished!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! What a gorgeous finish. I'm glad you made the strawberry too - not a lot of people are doing that. I have this one in my stash all ready to go (even the box!).

Deb said...

You did a fantastic job Andrea! :)