January 23, 2007

what it is

This will be a strawberry ornament as soon as my finisher makes it into one for me. It is the Quaker Medallion Strawberry Pinkeep ornament from the 2006 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. Blackbird designs, naturally.

I used the recommended fabric and thread, which was 30 ct. LaCrosse linen and Gentle Arts Rhubarb thread. I enjoyed it so much that I am now thinking about stitching it a couple more times for Christmas gifts. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, below is my start on the newest Loose Feathers, Bluebird's Message. This one I am doing with the recommended threads, but am stitching it on 35 ct. French Vanilla linen instead of 30 ct. Not sure that I am that thrilled with it so far.

There is not much difference in the two shades of blue on the bird (his tail is not finished yet), so I am thinking it may need some backstitching in-between so it shows up better.

Just not that thrilled with the coverage I'm getting but think I'm too far into it to chunk what's been done so far and start over.
I mean, life is too short, right?
For some reason I am stuck on thinking this would be a nice stitcher's roll or little bag, if it's folded in half, so the top part is the front of the roll (or bag) and the bottom part is on the back. Wonder if that's do-able? Deb, what do you think? The finished size is coming out to be about 5 x 8, but folded, just 5" wide and 4" tall. Just thinkin' out loud...

Now, lest you think poor little Astro is not getting his fair share of attention, please note just who it is at my feet this morning, while I stitch and surf:

He's in "winding down" mode in these pictures. We've spent most of the morning in the kitchen (he nibbles while I clean or whatever) or front yard, doing his business and playing.

He's a really smart dog, I can't even tell you...just a dream pup! So sweet and lovable. And especially to his "Ho Ho Frog", which he loves in that special, humping way that a young male pup does, which just sends my husband into fits of laughter...he says it's just like the dog in "Meet the Fockers"...whatever...MEN! It's going to be a loooong five months until time for the snip snip (he's only 3 months now). Poor ho ho froggie.


Anonymous said...

Your needle is smoking these days, gf!! I love the soon-to-be-strawberry. It's in my to do stash list. I can't believe how far you are on the Bluebird piece--YGG! It looks great. Astro is adorable!! LOLing about the HoHo Frog. Slippers are never safe around my dog...

Deb said...

My brain is whirring on Bluebird's Message, I'll send an e-mail soon. :)

Deborah said...

Andrea, I think the bluebird design looks great, wouldn't go fiddling or change a thing. Also a stitcher's bag would be darling. Can't wait to see what Deb comes up with.