May 12, 2007

alrighty then....

Here's the one thing I made it home with last week, from the needlework store:

(Please excuse the off center picture, it was hard to get the shot with Astro pulling on the leash the whole time).

The design is "Chester" by The Goode Huswife. I stitched this several years ago because we also had a kitty named Chester and just the funny, almost comic look of the piece was so similar to our own sweet boy (he was truly cross eyed, lol). When he died in 2005, it was still unframed and I just couldn't bring myself to bring it out yet. Well, anyway, here is is, finally. There are a couple of other designs in my stash to stitch someday that also resemble him...he was the most beloved of kitties.

Now, there's this love....what a face.

Chester would approve I think.


Sue said...

I love your Chester piece and the frame is perfect for it ;)

Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

Your framed Chester is beautiful! I think the frame you chose is just perfect. I have never seen any of the Goode Huswife cat patterns stitched before, and they certainly are nice! Of course your little Astro is adorable as well.

Happy stitching, and Happy Mother's Day,