May 18, 2007

a finish, a present and a find

Here's my latest finish, Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs.

The whole piece was too big to scan. Here's a closer look:

and another. I used the fabric and threads the design called for and loved stitching it.

And here is my new Brighton purse, a present from my kids for Mother's Day,

It's called Vagabond and is made from a distressed type of leather and has a cool "bandana" type lining. To say I love it would be putting it mildly!

You can see, I have several other Brighton things in it. Since they put a store in close to me it's been so good. I mean, bad. Well, good for me, bad for the budget. Kinda, sorta...if you know what I mean, lol!

And now, my "find". From Wal Mart in the office supply area, for about $1.80 each:

These are perfect for keeping your stitching projects in, as you can see.

I bought all they had, about 18 or so.

Because that's just how crazy I be.


Sue said...

Your Quaker Garden came out beautifully. Love the purse your kids gave you and thanks for the tip on Walmart's Office supply section, I'll have to go there this weekend ;)

Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

Your Quaker Garden sampler is gorgeous, and your stitching is just perfect! I hope you enjoyed stitching yours as much as I did mine.

I like your new purse - thoughtful kids!

Thanks for the tip on the Walmart find. I was just there this evening, and I wish I would have read your blog first! Oh well, I'll be there again soon I'm sure.

Enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

I love your new purse! :-)

Anonymous said...

i love your finished quaker garden! i was going to stop at walmart today but couldn't think of anything i really needed. i should have read your blog BEFORE i went! LOL!!