May 31, 2007

framed, part 1

Today my friend Patti and I went to the needlework store to pick up two things I'd taken in to be framed. While there, I asked the owner if I could please take a couple of pics of my other framed things, the ones they wanted to keep for a time as shop models. So here they are...

First, Their Song by BBD. I couldn't get as close to it as needed to get a good photo but here it is anyway (remember to click on image for close up view):

and I zoomed in on the Earth Angel by La D Da, in hopes to catch the frame, which I think is just perfect for it, the whole shot is pretty blurry, but you get the idea:

And here's a wider shot. You can see my Earth Angel hanging next to someones Glory Angel...see how much smaller mine is? That's because it was done on 40 ct. linen. I think Glory Angel must have been done on 28 ct.

When these babies come home with me in how many ever months it is, I will get better, close up shots to share.

This shop has soooooo many models all over the walls. Wish I could have photographed all of them but the owner didn't seem real "into" the whole thing so I didn't press it. The shop manager is really cool though, next time she's there, it's so happening!

Stay tuned for more pictures of framed things, coming over the weekend sometime. If you care about that sort of thing that is!


Anonymous said...

I love them both!! The frame for your angel is absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see more!

Sue said...

Those finishes are beautiful ;)

Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

They are beautiful! I love Their Song, of course, and Earth Angel is such a clever design. The frame is very pretty and just perfect for this piece. Everything looks wonderful. Your LNS looks like a fun place to be! By the way, Bent Creek's Peaceful Forest is on the way to me. Thanks for the suggestion! Your stitching is always an inspiration.

Happy stitching,

Anonymous said...

Oh those look so cool framed! Having visited your LNS I can say how much fun it was to see so many models; in fact, I saw your HOHRH when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Love them both! What a great LNS you have... so many models on display. It would be great if you could take more pictures to share.