May 03, 2007

even when i'm bad, i'm good


Went to my WW meeting today, fully expecting to have put back on a wee bit of weight or at least, to have not lost any at all. Because I wasn't so very "good" the past week...a trip (actually two) to Texas Roadhouse, the later visit involving a margarita and a cheese pepper ::::::gasp::::::

Imagine my surprise when I was down almost 2 pounds! Yeah me!!

Oh, and let me just say, the WW scales you can buy for home use are excellent!! I weighed myself right before getting in the car to go to the meeting, drove straight there, and weighed exactly the same on the scales there!

I was impressed! Our old scales sucked. And sucked hard. When I went to my first WW meeting, I was SIXTEEN pounds heavier than I thought I was, that's how "off" the crappy scales at home were. How depressing is that, to gain 16 pounds overnight?!

Are you bored out of your mind yet?

Well here then, some recent finishes I got back from the finisher  this week.

First, my Pray For Peace, by BOAF:

And this one is from Ewe & Eye & Friends, but I can't recall the name of the design. As you can see, I stitched it almost 4 years ago. It may be called Lady Liberty or something like that.

And here's my finished Ladybugs and Bumblebees, by Country Cottage Needleworks:

(my stitching is really not "wavy", I had to lay this on top of a bush outside, the ground was too wet, so it's the bush that's wavy, not the stitching)
What a fun stitch it was! And it's on it's way to the LNS with me tomorrow to be framed. They have a model of this there and the frame is to die for! While I'm there I'll be picking up three framed items, one of them the last Loose Feathers design, Their Song. Will try to get some decent pictures of them over the weekend and post maybe Sat. or Sun.

Aren't you just happy to see anything that isn't Peace related?

Oh my, almost forgot the Dazzle shot of the day:


Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

Your finishes are beautiful! I love the Ewe&Eye&Friends design. I have never seen that one before. And Ladybugs and Bumblebees is gorgeous - can't wait to see how you have it framed. Love that doggie!

Happy stitches,
PS Congratulations on your WW news!

Anonymous said...

i swear my comments are getting lost! i know i posted to this one cause i loved the shot of razzle dazzle! :)