October 30, 2007

me me'd and tagged

I have to admit that I am the world's worst at playing along when being tagged by another blogger. It just takes me forever, if ever, to get around to doing my part.
Thankfully,some nice peeps don't give up on me and brighten my day anyway.

SO...earlier in the month, Melissa, Michelle, and Carol gave me this award:

Thanks to you three, because you all make me smile and I love to read your blogs!
Now, I'm not sure how many people I'm supposed to tag with this, but since it's so late in the game, guess the rules don't matter anyway(and some of these people don't even know me, lol). So here are just some people who bring a smile to my face:

Nancy because she's always been so faithful to leave a nice comment on my posts and because she's got such a sweet spirit that comes through in everything she does.
Ree because she's just so funny and her recipes are to die for.
Suze because she's funny and she likes dragonflies!
Michelle she likes making yo-yo's, and also, because she's funny (do you see a pattern here?

Well, there are lots more, but I'm running short on time, so there it is.

Nancy tagged me for a "me me", which was to tell seven things about myself.

Golly, I hope you all can contain your excitement when you read these doozies: I tried to list things you may not already know (although I'm pretty transparent, so whatever)

1. I don't like cooked fruit but love peach cobbler and apple cobbler and will eat everything in them except the fruit. And especially if it's hot with a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream on top.

2. I am a hand cream junkie (almost said whore, what's that all about?). I love hand creams and lotions and am always looking out for the next best one. Right now I'm stuck on L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream And also, their foot cream. Best stuff ever, trust me. Oh yes, I'm hopeless when it comes to most lotions.

3. This forty something, fluffy (ahem),white girl can totally enjoy herself some
and some Shaggy
Yes, that's Rap and Reggae, respectively. Plus, I love Shaggy, I just do. He's just all that and more. I would marry him if it was possible to do it and not hurt my current husband's feelings, not to mention illegal. (Jeff, if you're reading this....Honey, you my #1).

4. I can curse like a sailor (some say better) and often do. (I can just hear the collective gasping that you all are doing right now). Well, it's just the truth and
I've always said, every curse word I know I learned from my mother. This doesn't mean we're not visions of lady-like loveliness, don't get me wrong. But under the right circumstances, a few choice curse words really get the job done!

5. I'm an ex-smoker. (is that more gasping I hear?)Most people I tell this to absolutely do not believe me because I don't "look like a smoker". Well, it's so true, I started smoking part time when I was thirteen (yep, thanks again Mom), full time at 16 and by the time I quit at age 23, was smoking two packs a day. I never do anything half-heartedly! But hey, it's been 20 years since I quit...the smoking and the cursing was just too much, lol!

6. I got married when I was 17 1/2 after knowing the man for a total of a month and a half prior to our wedding. And the first two weeks of that I wouldn't have anything to do with him. We celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss last February.

7. I like Pugs. A. Lot. The reason I'm telling you this, again, is because HELLO. We are cat people (without a cat)!!

Oh my gosh, I feel certain all of this is just TMI, but I'm going to hit the publish button anyway and will try and post again soon so this post will move down the page some.

Stay tuned for stitching progress pics and what was in the fryin' pan this week!


Anonymous said...

#1 is a bit odd, I'm the same way with lip balms as you are with lotions, and I'd love to know the story behind #6. LOL

Nancy said...

Hi Andrea,

First I have to say thank you for your sweet words. You are always a wonderful boost for the ego! Thanks on a day I needed it most.

Second, you are hilarious! I really love your sense of humor, and I was laughing through your entire post, except the fact that you and your husband are a statistic. Big congratulations on that one!

Hey, do you like Bob Marley? I love his music!

Anonymous said...

About the award, you're quite welcome! You've earned it once again with this post. And actually, can I opt for both the hand lotion AND the lip balm?? I could never choose between them!

Anonymous said...

i had so much fun reading about you! we are similar as we are both ex-smokers...i just wish i quit as early as you did. i guess just quitting is important?

i usually don't do these kind of emails but thanks to the blogger to tagged you and you actually did do this! i enjoy getting to know you better! :)

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

You suprised me here!! Thank you so much! I love it that you even read my blog, and I'm honored that you even like it! :) I'm such a goof ball!

Reading the seven things about yourself, you would not even believe how much we have in common. Girl, it's scary. I bet my mom can out-cuss your mom. Now that is something to be proud of. LOL :) Thanks for making me laugh. You are a hoot!!

BOSSY said...

A 40-something hand-cream junky rap appreciator who curses like a sailer? Well, pleased to meet you! How come Bossy doesn't know you already?

Andrea said...

LOL at Bossy! What a great blog she has...and she's FUNNY!