October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Well, I have a really scary picture of myself from 1976 with a shag haircut that would've scared the pants right off of ya, but decided to share this one, circa 1972, instead! Wouldn't want to run off my faithful few (although this one could very well do it anyway).....

On the back of this, my mother wrote "Halloween! She's a lady from India - The "Hope" Diamond is a spare droplet from a chandelier"

First off, I love how she said "a" chandelier...did we have more than one chandelier to have said "a" and not "the"...that's just too funny...surely we must have. We were rich in chandeliers at that house. They matched that funky wallpaper that was oh so tres chic at the time.

Secondly...I didn't care that much about the droplet because HELLO I had on MAKEUP!!
At EIGHT years of age!!! LIPSTICK!! And a LOT of it!! I was HOT STUFF!!

Gosh, my face probably hasn't seen that much makeup in all of the years since then, put together! (on second thought, there was a slightly blurry time in my teenage years that may have seen a little lip gloss...it was shiny and drippy and smelled like bubble gum and I went through about a tube of it a week...but except for that, barely any at all)

Halloween is FUN! Oh Yes!

Hope you all have a day full of treats and doing something fun :)


Anonymous said...

Loved your trip down Memory Lane. Too funny . . . and scary, because I remember shag haircuts!! LOL!!

Nancy said...

Happy Halloween Andrea!

I think the photo is wonderful, and that chandelier droplet is too much! How fun!


Sharon said...

I think you were just too cute! Great picture! Happy Halloween!

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

You made me laugh out loud! You are too funny! Great photo and great story!!

Melissa said...

Great picture Andrea! And yes, you can see your lipstick through the veil. Love the "a chandelier". Excuse me but didn't all houses in the 70s have many, many chandeliers, LOL? Too funny.

Of course we didn't have a chandelier but we did have glitter in our ceiling--oh yes we did, that rough textured stuff with glitter mixed in, oh yeah, we were so cool! I remember it being such a big deal to my dad when he had it done. I remember my mom being less than thrilled. LOL

Anonymous said...

isn't that just the cutest picture? isn't it fun to do a memory lane?

can i see the shag haircut picture? :) i need to get my hair cut...maybe it will give me ideas? :)

i don't think we had a chandelier...at least not one with
"diamond" droplets?!