November 14, 2007


A finish!

This is Curly Q Ewe by Little House Needleworks and I stitched it over one on 18 ct. Waterlily with Crescent Colors and DMC as listed.

A really fun stitch but it seemed to take me forever, probably due to work getting in the way.

Here it is under the frame that was purchased for it. It's from Crescent Colors as well and made for this design, it's the one pictured on the chart model.

Gosh, I can't believe Thanksgiving is only one week away. Time to get my menu ready and go shopping! Hopefully the weather will cool down some, I really don't like it when it's so hot outside and there's so much baking to be done...I end up hot and sweaty and not even in the mood to eat anything when it's finally all cooked.

Today I am sitting here waiting for the service tech from Haverty's to come over. Our new leather couch stinks! Not sure if it's just "new leather" smell, or if it's some chemical they used to treat it with or what, but I have to cover it with a blanket just to sit on it, otherwise it gives me a raging headache. Just what we had in mind when handing over all that dough, lol!


BugnLVoe said...

I know! One week away.
I can't wait!!! :-)
I love Thanksgiving.
And then BAM Christmas will be right here..


Paisley said...

Oooh... that is just gorgeous! I love how it looks in the frame!

Anonymous said...

i love your curly Q ewe! i didn't know little house needleworks had designs AND frames? its a great frame for that piece!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet project! And the frame complements the design so well. Nice finish!

Anonymous said...

We are still really hot here in Tucson too. I sent you some trailer pictures and you haven't looked at them. Did they go to your junk mail? Lois

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the frame, too!

Nancy said...

Your Curly Q Ewe is beautiful Andrea! Congratulations on yet another perfect stitch!

Hope you get your couch problem taken care of. Whatever happened to quality control?

Andrea said...

Lois, did you send them to my old AOL address? I don't ever check that because I can't remember my password.
Do you have my yahoo email address? I'll try to find your email addy and email you, OK?

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

This is so pretty! You did a beautiful job! I love the frame, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I did send it to your aol address. What is your yahoo address?